In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Good Night! I am so excited!


Good night and hopefully we get the app.


Turning in as well. Twenty minutes past midnight and no app yet. The App Store is still showing pre-order, so… Apple is taking its time, I guess.


I’m going to bed too! Hopefully us Brits will have it in the morning


Yup me too night night I will probably set an alarm to see if it came out.


It’s out for us in the UK.


I also got it in Germany now, let’s start the overnight flight without a HUD


App is now available in Norwegian stores, yay. Already bought all the IAP awesome app. Gonna test it in the morning.


@epaga stupid question, but what is that symbol at the bottom good for? Touching it doesn’t trigger anything for me 🤔

EDIT: disregard that, looking on the iPad running IF would have helped to see that it changes the HUD 🙄


Was wondering myself, thanks!


When you live in New Zealand and get the app hours before everyone else 😏


I still gotta wait and see if it comes to android


Thanks for this sweet, little birthday present @epaga!

Happy Holidays!


Out in the US stores :)

Looking good so far.


Got it! Added a couple IAP’s too! Had to get the full effect.

I’m doing he “three-finger-tap” zoom trick @Jan mentioned to go full screen with the PFD, flaps indicator and gear lever.

To keep things sane I limited the max zoom level to 1.5x in the IOS zoom settings (under “accessibility”). Then just three finger drag to center it. Fills the screen nicely!

Thanks for the tip!


Love the app, but got a little issue. The throttle, well, it doesn’t work. These scrots were taken at the same time while I was trying to take off.

Basically, when I move the throttle in IF instruments, it doesn’t move the throttle in IF. You might think “are you sure you are connected” but I am as all the other instruments are working fine. I know it’s christmas so you don’t need to get back to me anytime soon. Take a break, just letting you know of a little problem. I’ll play around with the settings and see if I can fix it.


Thanks for your patience! I will likely not be as fast as normally, but happen to be online right now. Strange about the throttle. Do you have the latest IF update? That API was added in the latest version.


Yeah I’m on the latest version of IF. It’s 17.12.2. Little bit weird as no one else has reported it. Take your time figuring it out, I can wait. If there’s any other info or help I can give you, just ask.

P.S. I LOVE the app though, very original and bloody cool actually


Could you try unchecking and rechecking Enable Infinite Flight Connect and closing and restarting IF in between?


Ok yep, I’ll give that a go.