In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight

This is very cool, and certainly seems useful. What if you were able to run it split-screen on the same device…

This would really be useful in a web app (which takes input via the wifi network) since using another device seems kind of useless for me atleast

Nice concept!

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love this idea! If the localiser glidescope could be incorprated then this would be great!

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Yeah or a PC program

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So if this would be availble on ios only, i could use my ipad to run this app and still fly on android separately correct?


Yes, that would work.

Also @epaga what if you could use the technology from this to add to IFA a mode where you can run IFA on one device, fly on another one after selecting the instance?


Yep - just don’t have API for that yet.

This is totally doable, thanks for the idea.

Sadly IF doesn’t offer the iOS split-screen mode. A side bar display works but is kind of obtrusive. Separate device will be the main way to use it.

But that would be using another device - in this case, your computer - wouldn’t it?

Oh, totally can imagine a full VOR including glideslope. Imagine doing IFR flights with low visibility in a Cessna. 🤤

Yep, that would be doable, I’d just need to think through how to do the UI so users don’t get confused.


Okay, seems pretty neat. It’ll be cool to see where this goes!


Computer on a web browser’s tab vs Mobile device?


Fantastic! You really are amazing :) Long-term, have you considered modeling some glass instruments? Not just the standard false horizon, but something like a super basic G1000 or G500

(Long-term, this would be tough)


Yeah. I have a phone, and a computer (well kind of) but I don’t have another mobile device, so it would be useful for lots of people in a similar situation


@epaga… MaxSez: I’d love a six pack of Steam Gage’s John for the light GA’s but attempting to coordinate Control utilizing 2 devices is not realistic & not something I’d invest in. Now if you could plug into the main program and
Superimpose a six pack into the cockpit dashboard, above the screen or as a sidebar you’d have a winner.
Don’t think this idea with a separate device is marketable or viable and would have only a niche consumer base. A Stand Alone which links with IF like Assistant for GA would be a winner. (Only an idiot child would use a six pack in a modern airliner) Warm Regards Mr. Wizard… Goodayf


Cough what about Android? Cough


If you could do a basic FMC similar to the one that Virtual Avionces do for FSX but simpler, it will be good for Flight planning, Fuel planning, INIT…etc.


I would like to have some computer screens too. Like on the newer aircraft.
Image from
The screens right in front of the pilots with the speed altimeter and artifitial horizon

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I’d get it! (If it was free)


If you can have one for general aviation and one for airlines and have the airline one look like this I’d be sold because I could finally fly with no hud IMG_0063


I think that the best thing will be that you may be able to control your flight parameters without being on the same WiFi network or a local thing.

It’ll be a very interesting feature especially with global, for example you can be at school and control basic flight parameters of your iPad at home ;-)

I know this will require a lot of work etc etc…
What do you think @epaga ?

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Need another infusion for an Android version 😉 haha


WOW, just an amazing concept, imagine the realism you could achieve with this! I would 100% support this, a web version would be amazing!