In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


Hi @Jan and @epaga, as far as I can tell, there’s no DME system attached to the VOR instruments, correct? As in, I can’t see distance to/from a VOR/NDB.

If so, can you please pleaaeeeee pleassseeeeeeeee add this. I’ll say it again: pleassseeeeeeeee!


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You know when you’re close to a VOR when the needle starts moving rapidly.

It would be a nice addition though, right @epaga?

Epaga is working on IF-O at the moment (iOS now and Android later) and IF-A (Android) is in need of work as well.
The fact that IF-I unfortunately didn’t really take off, makes chances really slim that epaga will be planning to do more work on it in the future.
But, you never know.


That is SUCH a shame! I really don’t get it. Such a great app with lots of potential. Well, I probably wouldn’t give a limb for it, but would still pay nonetheless.

Maybe it’s worth @epaga doing the rounds, and asking people for feedback to understand why it didn’t take off. I feel there’s so much potential here, maybe it’s worth communicating and interacting with IF users to address this…

Arrrrggggg!!! I just wish I could do proper instrument flights!

Thanks anyway


I totally agree.
I love the app!

It’s an app for the real aviation geeks it seems.

Many might not have an extra device to run it on.

Maybe the ones that call IF a “game” aren’t interested in this level of realism.

It’s a real shame though.


Hey man! Sorry to hear this - could you specify a bit more what doesn’t work? What happens when you start? Are you able to connect to a running instance of IF? Do any of the instruments work, etc.? Thanks!


none of the instruments work, I have IF asistant and it works perfect


Hey man! Sorry to hear this - could you specify a bit more what doesn’t work? What happens when you start? Are you able to connect to a running instance of IF? Thanks!


I need another device to use IFInstruments ??


Check the top post in this thread for instructions: I would definitely recommend a separate device, but if you have an iPad you can use it in slideover mode.

Let me know if you have further questions!

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oh the problem is that I do not have ipad, so I can not use the application

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That’s correct, you need either a second device or an iPad to be able to use In-Flight Instruments, like it says in the main post and on the App Store:


is this app available on Android?


You are in the wrong topic, again.

Try this one:


Unfortunately it is not.
It’s unlikely it ever will be.


i assume Android can’t run this app! but overall most of the good stuff are on “IOS”

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Why can’t we place multitasking windows on top?!? It’s stupid of Apple.(anybody knows how to do that?) If I place it on left I can’t access thrust. If I place it on right I can’t access rest. Damn! I have iPhone 6 too but i dont like too many devices to fly.


It really is a shame that that’s not possible on iOS.

That’s the main reason the app includes a Throttle as one of the instruments.
Unfortunately you still have to move IF-I from side to side during a flight.

Despite iOS’s limitations the app is a great addon to IF and fun to fligh with.


Some reason throttle is not responsive. Everything else fine…I’ll make video.


That happens sometimes.
After restarting both IF and IF-I it should be fine.

Occasionally, when I haven’t rebooted my iPad for some time, doing exactly that, resolves the issue.

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It works ;)

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