In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight


In this case it’s an Android tablet.
I took the picture with my Android phone, but it could have been easily the other way around.


Thanks, so will the Android tablet just connect to iPad when properly enabled in settings?

And does that mean it’s not possible to set up on a Windows PC?


When you tap “Connect to Infinite Flight” at the bottom of the screen, the app wil list the IP address of the device(s) running IF. When you select the right one, the app will connect to it.

“Enable Infinite Flight Connect” has to be checked in IF as well.

None of the apps will run on a Windows PC, but you can share the device’s screen with a PC.
LonelyScreen is one of the apps that you could use for iPhone/iPad screen sharing. For Android there are different tools.

Excellent, I’ll give it a go in a few and let you know. Thanks.

What does @epaga have in store for 2019, btw? Any chance we’ll see a Navigation Display, say?


Just wondering whether Jan or Epaga can say anything about what’s coming up for this app in 2019?

Personally, I feel refining the PFD, maybe to include an Airbus style version would be great, as well as a ND of sorts (which could essentially mirror the one from IF).

would that be possible?


At this point, I’m primarily focused on IF-A and the new app I’m working on - no big plans for IF-I in 2019 yet.

In 2018, In-Flight Instruments only had a small fraction of the downloads that In-Flight Assistant had, so I’m not making as much of a focus on it, I’m afraid. Plus, it already works great and has nearly all the most important instruments covered (except for an FMC, of course).


I hear you. And sorry to hear the app is not selling as well as others. But really, I think it would add so much value if you introduced a couple of tweaks. Here are some ideas:

  • Boeing and Airbus PFD and ND. As I’ve said in earlier post, I assume if there’s a way to just reproduce the current map from IF, then that’s a good start. But I see you’ve also set up IF-I to pick up VORs and the rest, so maybe there’s a way you can combine this with radials, and bingo, you can start flying instrument approaches etc.
  • ECAM screen, with engine gauge, plus flap gauge (even a simplistic version of the latter would do - I know Airbus has an icon that emulates wing design, whereas the 777 is a vertical bar). ECAM could also show LDG lights on. And maybe when spoilers are armed and/or deployed. Those sorts of things are all existing functions in IF.

No clue how onerous and time consuming this is, but for those of us looking for a bit more realism and that can have multiple screens, this would be massive.

Great if you could really consider something along these lines. Needless to say, each module could be additional paid add on.


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Hi @epaga, any thoughts on this. Could you consider a few of these ideas please? Having more instruments to model a cockpit would be fab, and I take the potential as IF grows is pretty big. I’ll definitely be one paying for the app… ;) cheers

Hey man, sorry for not getting back - I’ve been busy lately working on that new app, so have very little time to think about In-Flight Instruments. Definitely love the ideas for IF-I and would like them myself, but they’re all quite a bit of work (except for maybe the flap gauge)…and other things are more important at this point, I’m afraid. Sorry to disappoint!

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Pity, but I understand where you’re coming from. Well, once you’re done with the current project and looking for other ideas, I hope you might consider this. Happy to help/comment etc



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Hi Jan and epaga,

I’ve got IF Instruments now. @Jan - do you use Android/IoS set up as well asa Joystick and/or keyboard, by the way?

Also, I’ve got three windows which I can scroll from left to right, so that I have airspeed and v/s alone in one page (quite big), altimeter in another, and then one, which is quite cluttered, with the PFD, VORs, etc. Is there a way I can create a page and thus arrange the instruments the way I want them?


No, I don’t.
I’ve used a HOTAS for a while, connected to a PC and to IF with LiveFlight Connect, but the dead zone made it impossible to make subtle movements and course corrections. That was so annoying that I stopped using it.

What is it you’d like to do exactly?
Do you use it on the same device as IF, so in a slide over, or on a separate device?

The instruments are automatically placed in the next available slot.
You can change the order and you can make each instrument 4 times bigger, as long as there is enough space, but that’s about it.

I also use iOS’s zoom function to get the layout I like.
Sometimes it’s just the PFD and sometimes I’d like to see more instruments.

Does this help?

Thanks. But what’s a deadzone? So you use just your phone, and don’t recommend joystick?

I am trying to have some of the instruments move to another window (at the moment, there’s a bunch of them on one page). I’d rather have one or two per page, but that implies creating a new page. Get it?

And I have tried pairing IF-I from IoS to Android device which runs the sim.

It’s the area around the center of a joystick where nothings happens when you move it.

I recommend a good one! ;)

Ah! Now I get it!

Those three windows are places where you can place every instrument you want.
Just go to either one and tap the settings wheel at the bottom on the right.
You can check and uncheck every instrument.
That goes for all three pages.

As long as “Enable Infinite Flight Connect” is checked in IF’s settings and both devices are on the same network, you can connect to IF by tapping “Connect to Infinite Flight” at the bottom of the screen. IF-I will list the IP address of the other device. When you select the right one, the apps will connect.

Does this help?

Right, but can I have more than just those 3 pages, is the question?

There are these three only.
But since you can put everything anywhere, why would you need more of them?

I quite like bigger sizes. That’s a shame. Something else for @epaga to consider in future releases of the app.

Also -

Any thoughts? And if I understand what you’re saying, then connecting that directly to your phone/tablet via cable is better than going through Live Flight Connect? I’ll be keen to explore how well the sim responds when running IF-I on one device, IF on another, all the while using a joystick

Not really. One without a large dead zone preferably.

Ah, I see!

LiveFlight Connect works very well and is only available because connecting a joystick directly to the device is usually not possible or complicated.
There is some lag though.

Well, Laura has one (and a tutorial) directly connected to the device, no?

This is great. Too bad I only have a cra**y second device.