In-Flight Instruments (iOS): Live Instruments Add-on for Infinite Flight

Unfortunately it’s not.

Having full control over the speed brakes/spoilers would be great indeed.

Unfortunately that functionality is not available in IF or the IF API (yet).

You could create a feature request, if one hasn’t been created already.


Ah, that’s a shame. There is one. I’m waiting for a moderators approval to create a new one though.

would really love to fly with this. specially if ee can have cockpit view without hud. are you planning it on android…?

I’ve decided to do a Black Friday sale tomorrow! Core apps In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments FOR FREE, all in-apps at 20% off!

The In-Flight Instruments core app means you’ll have the Basic Six instruments for GA flying - for free!

November 23 only!!!

This is the first time In-Flight Instruments has ever been available for free - grab it if you haven’t yet, and tell all your friends! 😀


So the A-10 instruments are out! If you like what you see, grab In-Flight Instruments to have instruments for the other aircraft. (Either that or just wait for them to add working instruments to the other aircraft, if you’re a very patient person. 😜)


Do you think you could add a rat tat tat tat type sound for the A-10’s rotary cannon to add just a touch more realism

Ooh that’d be interesting, nothing big but it’d be cool to have there

Hi @epaga, I purchased this app and am trying to set it up on my Ipad, it is not showing up however. Could you help me with this please?

It seems to be connected but nothing is showing up. And is there a way to make it smaller or st the top of the screen?

This is what iv got so far.

I figured everything out position wise, the only issue I am having now is that the instruments are not moving. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

Oak. Happy to report that they are all working now perfectly, I’ll purchase the addins. Thanks!.


Try this layout!
I think you’ll love it.


Nice just bought VOR! This is looking really good! I cant believe I have been missing out on this 🙂


Got to say @Jan this is the most amazing app I have bought, because of you and @epaga’s work I was taught VOR by RL pilots! Thank you.


Good to hear! 😃

It’s epaga’s app! He makes it all happen. 😃
I just test, give feedback and help out whenever I can. 😉

I really love the app!


Wow this is awesome! This is a sweet update.

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Hi there

Is it possible to set this up with IF running on Android Phone, and IF instruments on an iPad or computer like @Aussie_Wombat ?


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In this case it’s an Android tablet.
I took the picture with my Android phone, but it could have been easily the other way around.


Thanks, so will the Android tablet just connect to iPad when properly enabled in settings?

And does that mean it’s not possible to set up on a Windows PC?


When you tap “Connect to Infinite Flight” at the bottom of the screen, the app wil list the IP address of the device(s) running IF. When you select the right one, the app will connect to it.

“Enable Infinite Flight Connect” has to be checked in IF as well.

None of the apps will run on a Windows PC, but you can share the device’s screen with a PC.
LonelyScreen is one of the apps that you could use for iPhone/iPad screen sharing. For Android there are different tools.