In flight , flight time not working

So I have been flying for over 2hrs, but my in flight flying time said I have been flying for 1hr 20 mins. Live flight connect said 2hrs aswell. Whats going on?

How long have you been on the ground?


Im not sure. 10, 15 mins possible

Most likely up to 40.
The session time and flight time are two different things. Session time is what LF says which counts from when you spawned. Flight time in the app is time spent in the air.

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I have had over 2hrs in the air, the in game flight time said I have been flying for 1hr 25mins. Im currently flying

Been disconnected for some time?

It did disconnect for a while

@schyllberg I finished my flight, my replay said. “Discontinuity detected, app was deactivated/disconnected for 1850 seconds”.

Interesting. No idea why though, but it explains it.

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I hope it does not happen again.

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