In flight copilot

At $3 a pop for the sounds, and a lot of people signed up, they’re doing pretty well

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Not a bad idea

Ok but would you rather have a third party app that takes up more performance or having it in the base app?

Yes but you aren’t required to buy them, you still have the standard call outs like V1 and Rotatè.

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Yeah that’s what I said, is I want it in the base app

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That’s the thing though for copilots you need to have the more advanced ones. What are you gonna do with v1 rotate? That’s it? It’s better to develop an in game one instead

Exactly would be a great idea

This is a known risk for third party developers with all apps. Their app exists because it was not something in the sim to begin with. As time goes on features may be added which may make the add on not needed. It is the inherit risk with developing add ons that the developer accepts.


The reason I don’t have In-Flight assistant is because you have to spend $5 for the app, which would be fine… but then 5 more dollars for any other features you want…

Draw your own conclusions, but to me that seems like a rip off, and I would love if Infinite Flight would add these things to their app. IFA to me, is nowhere near the $25 it costs to have all it’s features.

The developers work so hard on new aircraft and other features, that I don’t expect them to take action on this request right away, of course. I think a reasonable request to make, would to have V1, Vr and V2 speeds to be added first, and all the extras when the current things the community is anxious for have been released.

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Lets get back on topic of the feature request. I think we are focusing too much on the 3rd party side.


I was literally just thinking about opening up a feature request for this thanks for saving me the stress. Before this even happens though voice chat has to be enabled in IF and that’s not happening anytime soon. I think we should let the devs focus on the things that make IF a great flight simulator like working FMC’s and 3D bUiLdInGs (those would be great don’t get me wrong but they’re not a priority right now). Get those out the way before we focus on turning IF into a great multiplayer game

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Text is undeniably possible.

Fair enough but still not a priority

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Of course, then there’s the (annoying) possibility that some people will decide to abuse said text feature and a filter will have to be put in place.

This thread took a whole different route 😅

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That’s exactly correct. I got in-flight assistant when it was free for a day but when I realized you have to pay for so much more I got pissed off

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Ok you honestly right. We can just use discord tbh cuz I know for smart copilot in xplane you have to use a different communication system. It only allows for the players to interact with the plane

Hehe definitely 🤣😅

Yeah, I understand what you mean. Months back, I’d purchased it only to realize the app is pretty much useless unless you buy addons. There goes my five dollars! 🙃

Anyways, this isn’t really the thread to complain about 3rd party apps and the ridiculous prices the charge you, so we should get back on topic :)

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I think this feature request already exists… and has many votes. Shared Cockpit
They state,
“I think (especially in the feature when the aircraft has more controls like APU De-ice etc) it would be amazing to be able to do shared cockpits, so with permission you could join a pilot as a co pilot…”

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