In-flight assistant

What callouts do you get in in-flight assistant without add ons?


You only get the co pilot call outs - such as Gear up , To fast on a taxiway - to fast below 10,000, etc

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copilot callouts like V1, gear up, positive rate

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Hey there!

When buying the basic Infinite Flight Assistant app you get the co-pilot callous. I linked a screenshot of what they all look like. I will say, I highly recommend the app!

If you have any questions on what the specific ones mean let me know.


Thanks! Also why do co pilots callout 80 kts?

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Great question! The main reason is due to rejected take off decision. The speed of 80 to 100 knots is a transition between the low speed and high speed regimes of the takeoff roll. Airbus pilots usually call out 100 kts and Boeing pilots usually call out 80 kts.

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I’m thinking of getting it. Is it good without the add ons?

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Let’s take this to a PM?

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In Flight Assistant is very good with all the add ons. I rarely do a flight without it now.


Same here!

This also is the speed Airbus pilots should cease applying nose down force on the stick!


do they say retard and do i have to have it on the device i play on or can i have it on my laptop and not my iPad ?

You have to have it on the device ypu were playing on and yes it does say retard.


does it take a lot of battery

I’ve got all of them and I think it’s a good addition. You should get GPWS, then RAAS, and finally Passenger Announcements. Voice commands are kinda useless. Sometimes it can’t understand what you’re saying. You’ve got to have a mid-western accent. It won’t work if your battery is less than 10%.

for the different callouts do you have to pay?

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The only callouts you get in the base game are the co-pilot callouts (V1, V2, etc…)

For all the others you have to pay!

do you have to pay for retard? and how much for the rest?

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Yes you do.

Each add-on is £4.99.