In-Flight Assistant

Hi there …
Today… I need some information about this…
In-Flight Assistant

What is the benefit of this program?
Is this program associated with the game?
Can I use it in an expert server?

G’day Zuhair!

All benefits & features of the app can be found in the offical topic here:

I can personally attest that it’s loaded with a ton of valuable features that ultimately assists in producing an even more realistic environment for your flights within the Infinite Flight skies!

The app is a third party program & is not created/associated by Infinite Flight;
It’s created by the one and only @epaga if you have any further questions about the app!

And yes, you can utilise In-Flight Assistant on all servers of Infinite Flight, including solo.



thank you Mr. Luke
but… Can I use it in an expert server?

You can indeed (:

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Thank you Mr. Luke again

With Regards…
Zuhair Al-Ajmi
Junior pilot


Can somebody tell me if we need to enter v-speeds manually or the app calculates on its own?

Hi, the app automatically altars and calculates it.

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Actually, it does not.

There’s a button that gets V Speeds from a database.
Those speeds are based on the weight and flaps settings of the aircraft.

That button needs to be tapped manually.

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