In-Flight Assistant Voice Control

Do you really need a headset to have it work? You can’t just talk to the phone as you would to Siri?

(im asking here because honestly it’s faster than emailing developer)

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It is better to have a headset with a mic so that the app can pick hear your voice commands better. You would have to be yelling at the phone to get the app to hear you normally. That way you would not annoy your parents at like 6 in the morning as you were landing in Tokyo, it prevents your wifi from getting turned off as you are 5 minutes out from Tokyo and then having your wifi turned off.

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really? :/

Yup, true story too.

Can some explain what this means, I haven’t heard about the “Voice Control”

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Within the Infinite Flight Assistant app there are some commands you can say to your devise such as, “Gear Up” or “Flaps One” etc. When the app registers your voice it will do the thing you told it to do!

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Well it can’t even hear me so, yeah

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Without a headset, Voice Commands can hear the copilot’s replies as well and gets confused.

Next time try the app’s original topic. That’s what it’s for.
No need to create a new topic for every question.
Chances are the answer you’re looking for is already in there anyway. 😉

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