In flight assistant suggestions

i dont know if this goes in third party or suggestions but i would assume it would go here.

i just have some suggestions for the developer of infinite flight assistant to make it better

ability to upload your own safety briefings. so if i download the delta briefing i can load that one in or the united briefing

ablilty to at the beginning of your flight enter some information like where you are flying to and the time will be said so it would say" “Ladies and gentlemen, [airline name](optional can remove] welcome(s) you to [Destination name]. The local time is [time]. The temperature is(this can be removed) For your safety and the safety of those around you, please remain seated with your seat belt securely fastened and keep the aisle clear until we are parked at the gate. The Captain will then turn off the “Fasten Seat Belt” sign, indicating it is safe to move around the cabin. Please use caution when opening the overhead bins, since items may have shifted during flight.”

and then i would say adding messages like “We would like to thank you for wearing your mask and keeping us all safe.”

other pacx features listed on their website:

PACX - TFDi Design

having more announcement options would be great and i would love when i land to hear "Ladies and gentlemen welcome to new york john f Kennedy international airport the local time is 6:09 pm

also below is the menu you get when starting a flight with pac x
you have to choose if the aircraft has ife screens or if there are meals and if there is wifi
and the planned flight time the departure and arrival icao and the cruise altitude and time until takeoff and aircraft and passenger count
i also think it would be great if there was a passenger feature like in pac x (image below)
when i fly in xplane it just adds so much realsim

here is some more inspo

Screen Shot 2021-04-26 at 6.11.05 PM|791x600
just some thoughts
just some thoughts


Wow, thanks for this suggestion. I have to say, the ability to have your own sounds (or be able to export/import sound packs) is something I’ve thought about in the past.

IF-A has been on the “back burner” for me for a while, but whenever I pick it back up, this might be something I could consider.


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