In-Flight Assistant Redesign Proposal!

DISCLAIMER: This isn’t confirmed by @epaga, this is just a design I’ve made.

BTW, don’t mind my English.

Important to know the difference between UI and UX.

UI is the User Interface. The UI is focused on the looks.

UX, User Experience, is more focused on how does the app work, do you need a whole IKEA manual etc.

Hello Community,
Today is a good day for the IFA fans. First the RAAS updates, and now a redesign? I’ve made a redesign for In Flight Assistant. The UX is very good in the current version, only the UI could be better.

What do you think?👇🏼

What is my goal?
I want to focus on the UI, because the UX is good. The UI could be better. So that was my main focus.

What are the changes?
As you can see, the biggest change I’ve made are the colors. They are gone. The app without colors will make it a lot cleaner and easier to use. I’ve removed the tags under the icons. Also to make it cleaner.
All icons are grey, except the icons which is connected to that page, that one is black.

Please open the photo’s because it looks like my designs doesn’t have any background but my background is similair to the background of the topics 😉


Made by @epaga


Made by me.

Current design or the new design? Please leave a comment why you’ve voted for the current or new design.

  • Current design
  • New Design

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Looks good but it isn’t really needed. How long do you spend in the app? 4 minutes max?


I like the colors on the current design, they make it blind in well with Infinite Flight. No need to change it in my opinion.


It looks like you just changed the color, and made the buttons smaller. I don’t see the need…


I mean, in the IF-A app to set up your flight. I’m not talking about how long it takes to come up with this.

Yeah I click on the app and go off it as soon as it loads so personally I don’t care what it looks like.

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I think both look good and maybe having an option to switch between the two might be a good idea.

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Oh, then I’m sorry. That’s true.

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