In-Flight Assistant Question

Hey guys,

This is a follow up of my previous question regarding step climbing, I have the infinite flight assistant app and I’ve been playing around with it and I know now that I can step climb through the app.

What does the bell on the right hand side of the screen do? Also do you guys include the speeds as well as the altitude on the same page?


It’s an alarm you can set.

“Tap a row’s alarm bell button to set a proximity alert for that waypoint. Enter how many nm’s away you want to be notified.”

And for the speed part, do I just enter the mach that I’ll be using for the flight or do I just leave that part empty?

If you need a different speed you can enter it.
When you are already at the desired speed, you can leave it empty.

Don’t forget that when above FL280 you’ll need to enter Mach speed. Below FL280 the speed is in kts.

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