In-Flight Assistant Public Beta (iOS) is now LIVE: in-flight audio tours, thanks to Bushtalk Radio!

Hey there! Is this new update for iOS going to update speeds for the 777F by any chance? Thanks for the great work!

According to the post, yes

I saw that but somehow read Android somewhere so wasn’t sure if it was for iOS too. 🤙🏼

Just uploaded the newest beta build to TestFlight, fixed the following items:

  • fixed not being able to see your user name & password entry if you have the iOS light theme
  • POI audio tours will now be offered at most once every 10 seconds
  • a single POI audio tour will itself only be offered once every 30 seconds, and it will NOT be offered again if a) you’ve played it before OR b) you’ve tapped on the “ignore” button in its notification

Would be great to hear from any of you beta testers how well this runs with the new Infinite Flight 21.4! :)

I just had an idea. Would it be possible to have a feature where we could upload our own audio files for the cabin PAs and co-pilot callouts? That way, we could record our own voice,a friend’s, or even use some YouTube to MP3 converter to get a specific airline safety briefing. Because it would only be saved locally on our own devices, you wouldn’t have to worry about copyright. Possible?

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This is possible now using the In Flight Operations, where you can use your saved files in music for annoucements

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That only seems to work with Apple Music, which I don’t have a subscription to. Even if I did, how would I upload my own fiel to that? (The options in IFO our noyhing, album, song)

Connect your phone to a computer and use iTunes for PC you can send any mp3 files to your iPhone.

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Great job this is cool

Hi @epaga Do you know why the custom IF Assistant airbus disconnect sound does not override the default sound in the new A330? The A320 and A350 works fine but with the reworked A330 both sound can be heard at the same time. (On android, don’t know if that’s the case on ios too)

In default Infinite Flight, the A320 and A350 have no A/P disconnect sound as they use the default 737 sound pack which has no autopilot sound. So, IF Assistant does not override anything, it just places its audio over the top. For the A330, default Infinite Flight has an A/P disconnect sound (from the 777 sound pack). It’s the same for the 777 and 757.
IFA uses a 737 sound for all Boeing aircraft, and the classic Airbus one for Airbuses. But IFA can’t get rid of IF’s audio, it can only stick more on top. Also why you don’t get the Airbus GPWS voice, other than the retard callout.

Thanks for this info. Didn’t know that. It now all make sense! Cheers.

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With the Beta the flight plans are no longer making it into IFA. The warnings, call outs, and other functions dependent on IF seem to work fine. Went in to IFA to set some altitudes for step climbs and noticed the flight plan was empty. Doesn’t seem like it would populate at all.


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Thanks, and yes - IF has changed its API in the current beta as I’ve heard from Cameron. I will be updating IF-A to work with the new flight plan API soon.

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Currently uploading a new iOS beta build which will…

  • include the v-speed estimation for the new Airbus 330-900neo
  • restore VNAV + flight plan functionality.
  • remove autopilot disconnect sounds from the planes that already have those built in via IF

Unless any big issues crop up with this version, I will release it on the App Store soon.


Hello @epaga! Will Raspberry IF pi be updated in the future?

Cheers :)

It is very good!!!

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Hey @epaga,

Is the shaky cam still considered to be fixed? I got some issues using it on the new A330. (Newest appstore version installed)

Thx for your response.