In-Flight Assistant officially coming to Android!

#105 (33:20) in game

In real life

Listen to the difference

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Now I understand, you are talking about the radio altimeter, right? The 50,40,30?


No the Retard callout


This should be good for android users.

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Ok… this is strange. I thought it was different because it was recorded with the guy’s camera. Have you heard it directly from your phone, using the app? @MohibDiyal24

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Yes I have it’s extremely different
It’s in American accent in the game whereas it’s supposed to be in British accent


The latest from the development side of things is that I now have the PA announcement code ported as well, so the big topics left at this point are:

  • Getting in-app purchases to work
  • Ironing out any bugs

Though I would not say they are extremely different nor that the one in the app has an American accent, I do have to admit, after listening to the Youtube side-by-side with the app one, that they sound slightly different, not sure why though. Don’t remember any more where I got the sample from. I’ll investigate further.


I am very exited for this app to be released :D
I’ll spend my money on this app without hesitating a single second and I am sure that other Android users will do the same.
I hope there aren’t too many bugs :)

Good luck!

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i am 200% excited right now

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Ooh that very cool does this also come with (approaching minimum and then minimums)?


Make IF assistent best of all! I’m glad you are trying your best!


Yep it does! 🙃 Looking forward to finishing it!


Ooooh Iam so overwhelm by the anticipation… I can’t wait do see what u got in store for us ,thank u again for ur hard work


No voice commands?? oh… it’s so sad :(


Excited for android version!


Thanks for all the excitement, everyone! I’m excited, too!

Real quick update on the latest on the development side of things -
I’ve started a very little beta test with @USA007 (who, if you recall, generously donated $100 to launch the Android development) and @Jan, trusted audio expert and beta tester extraordinaire.
Though quite a bit works well for them, they have already run into a couple bugs that they’ve found on their devices that I can’t reproduce yet on my ol’ Nexus 4, so I’m going to be spending some time finding and (hopefully) fixing bugs for now. I’ll keep you posted!

P.S. Please don’t ask whether you can join the beta test. That will automatically disqualify you from being asked later on (if I even do a larger beta test). 😃


Thanks for all that information, I’ll look forward to the update, keep going!

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It’s out as a Public Beta! See you all over at the official release thread:

Mods, could you close this development thread down! Thanks!

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