In flight assistant not working on landing

About 95% of the flights i have done since getting in flight assistant have not finished with the PA or CO-PILOT doing what its supposed to do.

For example it will work until i start decending then it will just stop working.

Can anybody help.

It has happened to me when I have one done ULH routes, normally because I have popped in and out of IF a couple of times to check charts or similar.

Suggest to try and avoid coming in and out if the App, or even easier at TOD go and restart IFA situation it will be all good to go for arrival and landing.

I don’t come out of the app

also does your flight pause when you come out of the app

i sound like such a noob (Im grade 3)

Yes it freezes
If you are gone for too long the app may restart itself and your flight will end

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I’m on Android and this is a common problem for me. Make sure you don’t have any apps that might be killing Infinite Passengers. Sometimethe phoned have independent apps for battery saving ect… So that could be a solution. And secondly, if that doesn’t work, then simply leave IF and reopen IP. You should hear “ready captain” and itll be fine.

I don’t know if this is the case, but If you plug in headphones then remove them, the app quits working. No callouts

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