In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update Coming Soon! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!


Thanks Jan

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Thank you!

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Thanks @Jan for being faster than me as usual! 😀

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@epaga will their ever come windshear warnings? I think that would be awesome!


Thing is, there never is any windshear! :)

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Hi @epaga and @Jan.

Can I make the voice commands and VNAV features work if IF-A runs on IO-S (together with say IF-A), while IF runs on Android?



Nope, IF-A only runs on the same device as IF. (Ha! I was faster than Jan for once!)


Pity. Thanks though


@epaga Is it possible to implement a “Hold” button to hold over a certain waypoint if required under constraints like:

  1. only one hold per flight
  2. max hold time of 1 hour, or 15min lesser than flight time based on fuel remaining; whichever is lower (max 1 hr)
  3. when holding, flight climbs to FL400 @ fixed Vs of 800 so that chances of interfering with other flights are lower (so this feature will be only for airliners; not for GA)
  4. Holding ends if max time expired; or user ends the hold. If max time expired, then flight continues on plan, but descends @800 fpm to original cruise altitude. All further waypoint inputs, however should be disabled at this point so that we don’t have planes descending at 10000fpm all of a sudden to be at a certain height by a certain waypoint - thus preventing random crashes/violations/ghosting after hold

We all fly at random times and sometimes things come up just when one is about to land or even start descent. A hold button would be very useful at this point rather than manually mapping out circles.

Just a wish! I don’t know if it can be implemented; but would be awesome to have.

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@epaga when I flew on another device with IFA. For the RAAS it was not a mans voice it was a women’s voice. Is there a way to change the voice?


I can’t even be recognized. I am a Texan, though


The app uses one of the voices of the TTS engine installed on your device.

It picks American English first.


Are you on iOS ?


Yes I am on the IOS. @Jan what do you mean by TTS?


You need to go to settings then general then accessibility then speech then you can change the voice


TTS = Text to Speech engine.
You can select voices under Accessibility, Speech.


under inflight assistant?


No, iOS settings.


Oh so what ever voice I have chosen there that will be for the RAAS in in-flight assistant


Not exactly.