In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!


Would it be possible to implement the voices in Spanish? for me it would be incredible to fly with iberia and listen to them


Damn it’s my dream to have a partner who codes, just like I do 😂


Thanks @epaga. This is just a suggestion - a “nice to have”. Definitely not a necessity. So if you ever decide to implement it - great! If not, no worries. Just wanted to suggest the possibility.


Hi John!

I just purchased IF-A on my iPhone. Planning to purchase GPWS and voice command in the future.
It feels that you have perfected the co-pilot callouts–great job on that! I’ll continue finding bugs if I can.

Now onto the voice command stuffs. I haven’t purchased it but did the tests over and over and over and over again.
Testing was done without a microphone, in a typical, not-so-quiet yet not-so-noisy environment.
Sidenote: I’m an Indonesian but I’ve been living in Canada for 4 years now as an international student. I have a strong Indonesian accent when I speak Indo; strong Canadian-American accent when I speak English.

  1. Key functions (gear, strobe, set heading/altitude/speed, flaps, etc) work well.
  2. Numbers tend to be misinterpreted.
  3. If you speak fast, the microphone may not be able to pick up your words. If you say numbers in a quick manner, they may get misinterpreted. A bit of a turn-off for me since I am a fast speaker hahaha.
  4. Direction commands are never picked up: when I say “gear up” or “gear down”, it only recognizes “gear”. It’s a good thing that you made it to toggle the landing gear just by saying ‘gear’ alone. Saying just the words “up” or “down” also never get picked up by the microphone.
  5. Switch state commands “on”/“off” work well, thankfully. A good instance the IF-A recognizes clearly is “strobe off” or “strobe on”.

Speaking of all of these, I will be purchasing the IAP soon after my university midterms are over. I wish you could give out a little discount. I still would love to pay you for your hard work and effort (I can understand as an ex-developer myself); however, $5 for a single add-on is a bit too much for me tbh.

If you don’t mind telling me what service/API or “algorithm” (so-to-speak) on your voice recognition, that would be very appreciated. I was thinking if you could achieve better voice recognition using Google’s Text-to-Speach API. I am completely clueless about the details of the API since I’ve never used it.

Sorry for the long comment, but great job on your work! If you need a beta tester, I am here, just one PM away!

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shaky cam is not an option for android yet


Wrong topic.
See the Android topic.


As said, Shaky cam is not available on Android yet. It is going to be released soon.


Okay thanks


those of android have us abandoned


No, development for android is actually more difficult than IOS, it will come eventually!


it’s a bit of discrimination we’re both the same, we pay the same for an application with a lack of functions, it seems wrong


Still wrong.

And read this:

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Hey, I can’t get the voice controls to work on a iPad mini 4 with a headset. Can you help


When you go to the Commands page and tap “Voice Test” does the app register your voice when you say something?

Can you try with and without the headset?

Is Voice Command turned on?

Hope this helps!


Yes, and I’ve don the voice test and cant get it to work. The voice test doesn’t recognize me

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Does a voice recorder app register audio from the internal mic or headset?

Could you check the settings of IF-A in iOS and see if it has permission to use the mic?


Yes @Jan, it’s on


hello, I have in flight assist and all of the game purchases I found it great and worth it! though the voice control was very difficult and did not work very well for me.


I was using this for 2 weeks and that’s right this make better experience when playing…
But annoying when you make mistake…LOL…

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So weird.

Does the mic actually work? Have you tried Siri?

Have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling IF-A?