In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!


Voice Commands isn’t available (yet) for Android.

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that is sad to hear. i downloaded this mostly for this feature after watching the promo video. is there anyway i can shift to i phone without paying extra. as this was not mentioned anywhere that this feature is not available on android.


It’s clearly mentioned in the FAQ of the Android topic.


Hey man, sorry about the confusion - I wrote it as clearly as I could in the FAQ and the Play Store description…but please send me a quick email and I’ll send you a promo code for iOS.

This isn’t the first time this misunderstanding has happened - I wonder what I could do to get more people to actually read the FAQ. Maybe I need an FAQ Llama mascot - llamas are always awesome (see IF’s own blog post!). 😀


HI i just bought IFAssistans very Cool , but it seems not to work , it work only for 2 sec eg. i hear the voice for flaps bat later on nothing happens , then i have to go back to the app that is open and back again to IFF , then the same thing happen . I uses a Huawei Mate 20 lite and i did switch on Enable Infinite Flight Connect Can some one HELP !!!


This is the iOS topic for IF-A, so for more information on Android, please see the topic for that version of the app.

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Jan is right - however, that said, check this specific post out for tips on battery issues, especially with Huawei devices: In-Flight Assistant v1.1 (Android) - RAAS Update is OUT!!! Get it now!


THANKS to epaga and Jan for the help i am fliing now for 10 min and no problem it seem to work know i am very happy .


That’s totally awesome to hear! If you would be up for writing a Play Store review, that would be most appreciated. :)

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Dear Deceloper, do you think is there any chance to replace V1 callout to computer instead of Human saying it?
Like boeing and airbus has their own v1 callout sounds
So the pilot will call 80knots, rotate, positive rate, gear up.
And the computer will only calls v1.
What do you think?

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New update is really cool! I’ve been waiting for this for a long time! Here you can see how the new functions work =) thanks to Epaga!

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Friends help me. The volume of the RAAS is very high well different from the volume where you are instructed or has audio volume option. For example: Volume when it announces the Flaps is very nice, but when I approach the track RAAS is soooo loud. Does anyone know how to turn the volume down?


Hmmm interesting thought, will think about this, could probably make it a setting very easily.

Wow! A video over two hours showing stuff off - thanks so much @Artem_Krause!

Hmmm I don’t really know - I use your device’s text-to-speech framework to do it, maybe there’s a setting in Settings? Anyone have any ideas?

Other than that… everybody check out the promo video @Jan made

Isn’t it incredibly well done? I really love it.

In other news…you may want to check into this thread on Black Friday… hint hint 😜


@epaga please add support for voice commands, we do not all have the same accent.


This is the exact reason why voice commands are difficult to implement and develop. Everyone sounds different, whether you’re English, American, French, Spanish etc.
It has been recommended that you use a pair of headphones which can make it easier for your device to detect. Preferably with an in-line microphone.
If I’m correct, IFA uses a different speech recognition system than that of Google Assistant and Siri (examples), however it should be able to recognise most commands very easily.



So I’ve finished the Callouts Guide which specifies exactly when which callout is made. Check it out if you’re wondering why you might not be hearing certain callouts.

(And brace for impact for a Black Friday deal, tomorrow only!)


Black Friday sale tomorrow! Core apps In-Flight Assistant and In-Flight Instruments FOR FREE, all in-apps at 20% off!

November 23 only!!!

This is the first time In-Flight Assistant has ever been available for free - grab it if you haven’t yet, and tell all your friends! 😀

In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

It’s still 4.99 for me, I probably just have to wait a little more though. Im too excited


The sale is for Black Friday (Tomorrow) 😄


looks at current date

looks at AviationGaming