In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!


Thank you for your answer. I was talking about the Airbus Stall.


Gotcha - and nope sorry but currently there’s no way to turn off IF sounds, only add my own. So even if I added an Airbus stall, it would play simultaneously with IF’s, which would sound weird.

It’s the same thing with the Airbus altitude callouts, BTW - no way to replace IF’s version.


Can you suggest to them to have a button to choose between your callouts and warnings and their. It’d be very interesting.


Yeah i know the voice commands are that is what the wink is for but if you could do that it would be amazing.

And i have had an issue recently with it reconnecting in the middle of the flight and my copilot keeps saying hey captain ready when you are


Hello, I want make sure that Samsung Galaxy S8 will work with this app? I do not want to waste the money, also is there refund within 48 hours?


Ahh, I couldn’t find any Android, thank.

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Thanks @epaga or delivering this great App !

I say it again, this adds a whole new level of realism to IF. I don’t use IF without this App anymore !
If you are thinking still thinking about it, go for it (this coming from a pilot)!

RAAS is awesome, but shakycam is just so fun ! I couldn’t believe it would add so much more to the experience.

I was thinking of a development possibility:

  1. Could you please add some sort of over speed protection as a subset of the VNAV add-on ?
    What I was thinking was using the API to exit IF just before you get an overspeed violation. I have had many of those, where you just divert your attention for a little bit during a climb / descent and there goes your Grade…
    I also got some when VNAV was first introduced, and I used it for descents, which in some cases ended in a steeper descend, and therefore a overspeed violation.
    I know you are supposed to be vigilant, but sometimes it just happens, and at least I know there a lot of people that don’t intentionally want anytime of violation.

Anyhow, just a thought, please continue your great work !


Unfortunately I think there’s little chance they’d want to do this. IF-A is intended to add on functionality instead of removing or replacing IF functionality.

Which device are you on? Is it a Huawei?

VNAV improvements are definitely something I’m considering, especially since it seems like the other VNAV projects’ activities have slowed quite a bit.


The other VNAV projects always seemed a little fanciful


Nvidia shield tablet. Great for IF


Can you check whether there is a battery saving mode or something else that might be shutting down background apps? That seems to be a problem with Android - depending on the settings it will simply shut down background apps if it determines that it needs more performance.

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I dont use battery saving mode on my tablet. I always have it plugged in while flying. I don’t have clean master either. so nothing should. especially considering i just reset it

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In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

OMG I have had this issue so many times… I use and Android Samsung Galaxy S7 and it keeps shutting down the IF-A app… I have tried the “battery save” solution and also close all other apps so I only run IF and IF-A but it didn’t work for me… it’s a wonderful app and I want to use it but and start livestreaming with it but right now I can’t… is there another solution you think I can try?

In-Flight Assistant (Android): V-Speed Update (1.3) is out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

I’d really like to figure this out. Let’s move this discussion to the Android thread over here -> In-Flight Assistant v1.0 (Android) - Take IF to a new level! RAAS coming soon with the next update!

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What I have noticed during the last few weeks:
If wanted to record screen or stream I used to follow these steps:

  1. Start recording program
  2. Select iPhone as audio and video source
  3. Open IFA
  4. Open IF
    To record again I had to do the same thing over and over.
    But there has something changed. It took me a while to figure out:
    1… Start IFA
    2… Open IF
    3… Start recording program
    4… Select iPhone as audio and video source

The good thing about that change is that it is way easier to record now. Anyway, I don’t remember reading this in the changelog. Did you even change it or did it come with iOS 12?


I didn’t change anything so I’d assume it’s iOS 12.


@epaga, since the update my RAAS voice is female. Is there any way to make it male? My co-pilot voice setting does not change the RAAS one. Thanks!


Is your IF voice female at all?


Just the ATC voice but the RAAS sounds like a different female voice I believe.