In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!



Gonna be in the IAP? Cool!


Hey @epaga , you know that random “minimums” callout some people get? I got it for the first time today and managed to get a screenshot directly after it happened:

If it is helpful: Just before this happened the gear went down randomly and i just tapped “gear” button in infinite flight to put it back up. And that’s when it did that random “minimums” thing.

I could try to mimic it again if you like.


Does the android version have the same features?


When is it going to be launched.

Plus, what are the alerts in the more section?


When it’s done, but that’s a wild guess. 😜

It seems like you missed a lot of information posted above.
A few quotes:


The Android version does not have the same features (yet).
In the future that might change. No guarantees though.

The Android version does have its own thread. Any news will be posted there.


One piece of the puzzle is the flash you can see when the gear is extended. During that flash the API reports AGL is 0, which activates the minimums warning.

Either the issue needs to be fixed in IF, or a workaround needs to be created in IF-A.


Thank you, Jan!

But I still have the same question, what are the alerts? What will the app do at those way points? The thing is that the interface is really difficult to understand hence I am not able to try it out myself.


When you’ve entered a flight plan in IF, you will see all the waypoints in IF-A under Alerts. See above image.

For every waypoint you can set an alarm, so you’ll be alerted a certain amount of nm before reaching it.

You can also set the flight level and speed for each waypoint.
When set correctly IF-A will get you to every wayooint at the exact speed and altitude you’ve set for it.

It’s not a computer though. It does not correct the mistakes you could make entering the values for the waypoints.

Does this make it more clear?

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It sure did. Thank u


One of the better IF- Assisted apps to work with. Not mentioning IF-PAX or IF-I are terrible, this is just am extra hand that works well. I just have a small minor disclaimer. When I ever start up IF-A then IF, I do not hear the Co Pilot sometimes. I always make sure my tabs are cleared before hand. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t


Just wastes10$ on something that works when it feels like it. I dont understand the praise for this app. Good concept but terrible execution. Smh


Really sorry to hear that maybe you can PM the developers with some advice on how to improve there application :)

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Totally unfounded.
Not even worth a serious response.


Something weird happened. I had previously purchased the PA and have been using it in all the previous flights and then I went to use it and it says I hadn’t purchased it. So, obviously, I pressed “restore purchases”, that didn’t do anything, then I purchased it again expecting it to say “you have already purchased this etc etc…”. But it didn’t, it just charged me. It was the same iTunes acct and everything. I purchased the app with this iTunes acct as well.


That IS weird!
Just out of the blue?


Could it be that you didn’t ever purchase the PA add-on but rather received it for free since you had the Voice Commands? If so, that only activated the PA add-on but didn’t trigger an actual purchase. Is that possible?

Each add-on is registered as a one-time in-app so Apple’s system doesn’t even allow multiple purchases.

(BTW thank you so much @Jan for your assistance in here while I’ve been busy as of late!)

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Yeah, I had flown flight with it before…


That would be it! Thanks John!


Sorry about that, that you now purchased it. 😬