In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!


I don’t open any other apps other than IFA and sometimes safari to refer to SimBrief when I’m using IF. My guess is that it’s picking up random noises from the background and somehow mishearing them as ‘gear’, thus causing the gear to extend. But what’s strange is that, I haven’t even purchased voice commands IAP for it to even function.


Even if there was a bug of IF-A letting Voice Commands still work - if microphone permissions are off, then iOS itself won’t let me access the microphone! So there’s simply no way for there to be any noise to be picked up! Very very strange issue. 😬


I’ll keep an eye out when this happens again so that I can find some steps to reproduce. I’ll let you know if I find anything.


If you scroll up you can see I reported a similar issue. I only had voice commands for a day during the time you accidentally made it available. When you updated the app and took the “free trial” away, my voice command were off and that is when the gear down issue would occur. The only resolution was to uninstall and reinstall the app.


I do not know if someone already reported it but the app seems to have problems taking screenshots. Can someone corroborate it? besides it restarting when connecting the headphones, that also happens to me. By the way a have android.


What do you mean exactly?

For the Android version see this post.


That after taking screenshots the app restarts, then gpws warnings no longer work. PA and copilot assistant do work.


I created a whole thread on this, and i posted an example using an app i made for it but it only got eight votes :(


I’ve been unable to replicate any issues after taking screenshots.

When you’re talking about the android version, please use the following thread:


All good! I’m gonna get it when it comes out

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Your work makes IF so much more satisfying to play. Even something a small as the 1000ft chime makes flying in the sim a much better experience! Cannot commend you enough!


I want to buy but it will not let me.


Ehm I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong but when I record flights the sound from IFA the sound doesn’t seem to be picked up from the IOS recorder, though the IF app sounds work alright.

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This happens to me as well, I don’t they no the iOS screen recorder picks up sound from background apps. However that’s only from my experience.

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This is the kind of thing RAAS is meant to help you avoid. It would warn “CAUTION! TAXIWAY!” - the Air Canada plane didn’t have RAAS installed.



Gonna be in the IAP? Cool!


Hey @epaga , you know that random “minimums” callout some people get? I got it for the first time today and managed to get a screenshot directly after it happened:

If it is helpful: Just before this happened the gear went down randomly and i just tapped “gear” button in infinite flight to put it back up. And that’s when it did that random “minimums” thing.

I could try to mimic it again if you like.


Does the android version have the same features?


When is it going to be launched.

Plus, what are the alerts in the more section?


When it’s done, but that’s a wild guess. 😜

It seems like you missed a lot of information posted above.
A few quotes: