In-Flight Assistant (iOS): V-Speed Update 1.8 Is Out! Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level!

"I can definitely say all this takes the realism of IF to the next level. You all will not be disappointed!" - @USA007

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Hear over 30 co-pilot voice samples during your flight, whether it’s takeoff callouts like “V₁”, “Rotate!”, or “Positive Rate”, or whether it’s warnings when speed limits are being approached, or confirmation callouts when setting flaps or gear settings.

Check out a 7-minute video of the app in action here ->


Start In-Flight Assistant, then launch Infinite Flight on the same device - you will hear a confirmation that In-Flight Assistant is connected. It will now be watching your flight and be providing the callouts as you configured them within the app. It’s that simple!


The following callouts are provided:

  • “80 knots”
  • “V₁”
  • “V₂”
  • “Rotate”
  • “Positive Rate”
  • “Let’s watch our speed, captain” warning when taxiing or flying too fast
  • “Gear up/down” confirmation
  • “Flaps at XXX degrees” / “Flaps Final” confirmations, each based on aircraft model (note that the new C-130 is supported)
  • “Spoilers Retracted”/ “(Flight) Spoilers extended” confirmations. (Spoiler Confirmation)


Experience fully-featured GPWS warning callouts such as “TOO LOW, GEAR”, “SINK RATE”, or “PULL UP!” - the system is in accordance with the specification of the real-world Honeywell MK VI GPWS system - with all 6 modes fully supported, including turboprop alternative settings (automatically detected whether the aircraft is a turboprop), Steep Approach Bias, Flap Override settings, and more.

Also enjoy proximity alerts to waypoints and set altitude and speed you want the autopilot to set, per waypoint.

The following callouts are provided:

  • Autopilot disconnect warning sound
  • “GLIDESLOPE” both quiet and loud, depending on how low you are
  • “DON’T SINK”
  • “MINIMUMS” or “MINIMUMS, MINIMUMS” (configurable)
  • “BANK ANGLE” based on aircraft type, altitude, speed, autopilot setting, etc.
  • “RETARD, RETARD” when landing in an Airbus


Have a flight attendant be talking to your passengers at various times during the flight. You have the option to have the sound be “muffled” (sounding like it’s coming through the cockpit door) or clear.

  • Welcome aboard announcement right at the start
  • Arm doors for departure & cross-check
  • Safety briefing during pushback / taxi
  • Flight attendants, take seats for takeoff when first activating strobes
  • “You may move about the cabin now, etc.” when reaching altitude you specify
  • Descent beginning when passing altitude you specify
  • “Flight attendants, prepare for landing” when reaching altitude you specify
  • Welcome post-landing
  • Passenger applause if you make a soft landing at less than 350 fps impact


Using your headset microphone, use voice commands to control many of the airplane’s systems! Once it is set up, In-Flight Assistant will be listening for your voice to say things like “gear up”, “set heading 2-3-0”, and much more, and your co-pilot will automatically set the autopilot settings for you! It feels magical and keeps your focus on flying the plane.

NOTE: A headset and a relatively quiet environment is recommended for best accuracy of recognizing your commands.

NOTE: A few users with non-American accents have been reporting some issues with the recognition accuracy especially with numbers like ‘set heading’ or ‘set speed’. The stronger your non-American accent, the less accurate the recognition may work for you. After looking into it, it doesn’t look like there’s a whole lot I can do to improve the recognition.

The following voice commands are supported:

• “Gear up” / “Gear down”
• “Flaps 15 degrees” / “Flaps 3” (based on aircraft’s flaps settings)
• “Set heading 1-4-5”
• “Set speed 2-4-5”
• “Set altitude 9 thousand 5 hundred”
• “Set flight level 2-2-0” (use for altitudes above 10k feet)
• “Lock vertical speed”
• “Set vertical speed minus 2 thousand”
• “Beacons on” / “Beacons off”
• “Landing lights on” / “Landing lights off”
• “Strobes on” / “Strobes off”
• “My plane” / “My airplane” (deactivate autopilot)
• “Set V1 1-3-0” / “Set VR 1-5-0” / “Set V2 1-6-0”
• “Set Minimums 4 hundred”


  • Will there be an Android version? Yes! See this thread for more details.
  • How much does this cost? Depends on your country. Roughly $4.99 for the core co-pilot app, $4.99 for the GPWS warning system, $4.99 for the Passenger Announcements, $4.99 for the voice commands (detecting a pattern?).
  • Is this part of Infinite Flight or a separate app? It’s a separate app, not affiliated with Infinite Flight, but it is an add-on to Infinite Flight.
  • What are the system requirements? iOS 10 & the latest version of Infinite Flight
  • Do I need a headset for the voice commands? This is strongly recommended - the problem is that otherwise the game sound, the ATC and the co-pilot callouts will be confused as possible voice commands. What may work also is use headphones only and the built-in mic.


Huge thanks to this entire community for their amazing support encouraging me on in the original monster thread where I was asking for feedback & ideas. Thanks to Laura & Infinite Flight for providing an awesome game and an awesome API that makes apps like this one possible.

Also, thanks to @Cameron for his open-source API examples, those were super helpful.

Thanks to my beta testing team for their help! @jasonrosewell @Mark_Denton @Joe @Henrik @Tyler_Shelton @dush19 @Pilothodge80 Tom_Grollman JoshFly8 schyllberg Adrien nicolas (Sorry, the forum only lets me mention 10 users in a post 😬)

Thanks to @Jan at for helping to improve the audio quality!

Thanks to my wife for programming the “BANK ANGLE” warning. She still wants payment for that. 😜


In-Flight Assistant is a third party add-on to Infinite Flight and is not affiliated with Infinite Flight LLC.

Changes 1.03

  • Passenger announcements ($5 in-app purchase)
  • Welcome aboard announcement
  • Arm doors for departure & cross-check
  • Safety briefing
  • Flight attendants, take seats for takeoff
  • “You may move about the cabin now, etc.”
  • Descent beginning
  • Welcome post-landing
  • Multiple sounds can now play simultaneously!
  • Voice commands: “flight” to also count as “five” when interpreting voice commands
  • Voice commands: if it hears “Gear”, it now toggles gear state

Changes 1.02

  • Voice pack with 3 new co-pilot voices - @Jan, @Mark_Denton, and Lori! Will be included for free. Thanks to all three of them for their help!
  • Voice command test so you can see what IF-Assistant is hearing you say (helpful for those with accents)
  • Volume slider
  • Fixed the faint “hissing” sound (this time for realz)

Changes 1.01

  • Re-recorded all co-pilot voice samples with a nicer microphone, made everything louder
  • Fixed faint “hissing” sound when it was supposed to be silent <- sadly it looks like this problem still exists
  • Airbus autopilot disconnect sound when in Airbus
  • Spoiler change voice command <- doesn’t work after all (yet) because the API doesn’t offer the info yet
  • Spoiler position change confirmation callout - “spoilers retracted”, “flight spoilers extended”, and “landing spoilers extended”
  • Speed warning less often when around 250 kts, also not until 255
  • No taxi speed warnings after landing
  • Taxi speed warning only at 30 and above
  • Enable/Disable Mode 3 GPWS warnings (“DON’T SINK”)
  • Enable/Disable Mode 4 GPWS warnings (“TOO LOW, TERRAIN” / “TOO LOW, FLAPS”)
  • Fix for “Restore Purchases” causing the app to hang if there is nothing to restore.
  • “TOO LOW, FLAPS” no longer called out when flaps are only one or two notches above full flaps.
  • “Eighty knots” callout was only being made once, there was no reset when < 80 kts.
  • Continuous “DON’T SINK” callout would come when testing a short final approach from the pause menu in solo mode
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I think a lot of people are going to love this.


Great! Thanks so much. Getting it right away.


Yay! I’m looking forward to using this.


If I get an iTunes card for Christmas i will definetly be getting this first :)

EDIT: I have $6.50 in my account already, I’ll be getting this for sure later!


I’m buying the app and all in-app purchases after I land ;-).


I bought it - so cool!


I’ve got it! It’s amazing, if I get a $5 gift voucher then I’ll buy the GPWS or Voice commands :)


Just a question, is there a Vspeed calculator or a website with Vspeeds for some of the aircraft?


Just got it. I’ve been checking the AppStore a ton recently! Thanks!


I’ve been searching for a V Speed calculator for some time too with no luck. I think the best bet is to use the Aircraft POH for the particular aircraft you’d like to use. However If you do find a V Speed calculator, please do let me know :)

Just bought the app. It looks fantastic!

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The voice commands don’t work very well.


Just one problem with the voice commands, when trying to raise the gear you have to say “gear down” and when you want the gear down you also have to say ‘gear down’. If this could be fixed in a future update that would be great!🙂


Sorry to hear. Make sure you are

  • using a headset
  • have as quiet an environment as possible
  • speak as clearly as you can

Can you let me know an example of a voice command that you’re having issues with?


“Gear up” should work as well. Internally it’s the same command (Gear Toggle), so that’s why either one works. :-)


I am using a headset.
I am in a quite environment.
I am.

Set speed 180 then he sets it to 1.


OK, I know @Mark_Denton was having issues with heading and speed as well, but we thought that was just his wonderful accent. :-)

Would you mind recording a voice sample of yourself saying “set speed 1-8-0” with that headset and sending it to me? Maybe I can tweak the voice recognition engine to be more forgiving. ;-)


Should we put feature requests we want for the app here, or do we PM you?


Here, please! That way I have it all in one place.


Nice news and nice work @epaga