In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Going to fix this in the next bugfix update.

This is strange. Should be every 45 seconds at most. Probably the runway API issue - but will look into it.

This is also the runway API issue - but I’ve found a way to work around this (and the “Caution, on taxiway” when landing sometimes), so this should be fixed in the next bugfix update, too.


Thanks - info like this helps.

Now that the latest IF update is (nearly) out, it’s possible the team will have some time to take a look at the runway API issue - I’m hoping it’s entirely server-side, but we’ll see.


@epaga I’m glad the gear issue was fixed, but I couldn’t get the gear to retract on takeoff! I got it to go back down alright-did you change commands there?


Yep I changed it back to that you need to say “gear down” or “gear up” (either should work) instead of only “gear”. Only “gear” was firing too easily which was the bug.

I’m currently evaluating a new voice recognition framework, I really hope that’ll improve things.


Ok, I said gear up… I’ll do it in my best Skyhawk accent lol


@epaga I can confirm the gear will not go up…


I just tested it as well and found no issues. What could be different?


Don’t know @Jan I keep saying “Gear Up” clearly multiple times. Will try and send you a video on slack shortly.


So was trying to restore purchases but it said I had not purchased the app at all. This was another device using family sharing.


Will this be coming out to android anytime soon or waiting on some tweaks


PSA because I keep seeing this misunderstanding in the App Store reviews: the in-apps each contain ALL callouts for that module. I am not charging $5 per callout. Any ideas how I can make this clearer in the app would be most welcome. 😬

Hmmm sorry to hear this. Yeah, a recording of you saying “Gear Up” would be helpful.

I don’t think the in-apps support family sharing (not even sure how I could) - it has to be the same iTunes account.

Definitely not “soon” in any sense of that word. It’ll take probably a couple months at minimum.


Loving your work @epaga, however I still have the ‘problem’ of IF Assistant disconnecting from the main sim on my iPad Pro 10.5

I’m not sure if it’s something to do with all the newer gestures, such as ‘slide over’ and the thing where you drag up from the bottom to get to the command centre/open app screen.

Either way, it happens pretty much every flight at different stages. There doesn’t seem to be a pattern to it… it’s almost as if the API just gets bored of connecting?

Any ideas for fixing this or for what could be causing it?


Hi, I do experience the same since the RAAS update. IF loses connection to the assistant app at some point. I haven’t change by behaviour of switching in an out at times. E.g i switch to the navigraph Chart app and come back to IF. Or I switch to the assistant to update Minimums and then come back. Sometimes when you are out of IF too long you can loose live server connection ( that’s known) but I never lost the assistant so regularly. To be fair though it nowadays reconnects with IF again if you close the assistant only, start it again and just switch back to your running IF. Didn’t remember it connection back so easy before.
Otherwise @epaga fantastic update.!! I am a fan of the assistant since beginning. I pretty much bought all alternatives and testet them as well, but except the IF passenger I dumped them all and keep coming back to the good old constantly evolving assistant.



That’s strange because I have been able to restore IAPs with family sharing in the past.


OK I’d really like to figure this out. @A_Hippopotamus @airbavaria

Could you give me:

  • an example flight plan
  • Your precise device and iOS version
  • confirmation you have battery saving mode off
  • info about whether you’re using headphones or not (also could it be you’re plugging/unplugging headphones during flight?)

Hmmm…iTunes says

Maybe Apple changed something?


I just checked this and can confirm it’s working as stated by Apple.
I was able to install the app through Family Sharing.
When I tap Restore Purchases, I’m told to buy the app first.


Apple has changed this, you can only purchase/buy IAP/apps by cards when you’ve enabled ‘Family Sharing’

I think that ‘Family Sharing’ is more ‘Friends Sharing’ that why you must purchase IAP with the account where the app bought on.


That’s probably it because I did th either one in late June.


I’m not sure if someone’s said this already or if you all are confused about this, but you can’t use Family Sharing to carry IAPs across other Apple IDs.


what about the andriod version