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I think this is correct.


I did some testing of the RAAS system and here are some of the things that I found;

  • When on silent mode, information from the RAAS system isn’t displayed while other IAP’s are being displayed on screen.
  • “Approaching runway X” doesn’t happen at (at least in my case) LSZS and LSZR in both the CRJ-700 and A318.
  • When on approach, ILS locked, “Approaching runway X” isn’t announced. I tested this in solo with the short final option at LSZR.
  • “ On taxiway!” Also plays while on RWY 10 at LSZR.


The only issue I have with RAAS is it telling me “ON Taxiway” while I am taking off and landing, everything else is working


I’ll be honest - I had completely forgotten to support the silent mode for RAAS. That is a super simple fix and will be included in the update after the one I’ve already submitted for review.

I’ll look into the other issues.


“Short final” is probably too short - it will only play between 300 and 750 feet AGL and 0.5nm to 3.0nm from the runway (like the real thing, BTW).

I do get “Approaching 28” when using Solo Mode starting at LSZR Approach 28.


I found some issues with the RAAS,

I have noticed that when crossing a runway in the middle sections of the runway, the RAAS does not tell you that you are approaching the runway. (This also happens sometimes in the beginning of the runways as well)

I have also noticed that the app would just stop inflight (this usually didn’t happen in the last update)



Could you please PM me on how to make a video on my iPad and it pick up the audio from In-Flight Assistant? I noticed you made your tutorial with the audio. Thanks @epaga!


The hotfix update is out! Fixed a (rare-ish) app crash, as well as some RAAS callouts coming even without the RAAS purchase.

Hm this is strange. I did exactly that and got the approaching runway message. Which airplane was this? I started the flight in an A321 (Solo mode, Approach 28), immediately turned on APPR mode and kept the speed around 130 knots. Around 750 feet AGL it announced “approaching 28”…

Hmm could you tell me which runway, which airport? That’d be helpful for pinpointing what’s going wrong.

This has been fixed in the hotfix update that just hit the App Store last night.

The sound won’t pick up with iOS screen recording for some reason. So I plug in my iPad and open up QuickTime (on my Mac), pick iPad as both the video and audio source, and record! I then edit with iMovie. Hope that helps.


Hmm… I will double check later today if the message comes up.

Edit - it works! Probably didn’t hear it because I had the volume set too low.


I don’t know if you can use this but I found the sounds


Actually, looks like it might be useable - the CDDL includes commercial usage, just would have to add the license text somewhere. Thanks, I’ll take a look!


I’m not sure if this has been bought up so I would like to make sure but yesterday not on the recently released update I got an on runway message twice.


Did the second one happen right after the first or 45 seconds later? If it happened right after, that’s probably the runway API issue Laura is looking into. If 45 seconds later, that’s the “On Runway Delay” callout.


It would be nice if the approaching runway feature worked like it did in the video that way it actually warns you, rather than waiting until you are past the HS.


It happened straight after the first “on runway 07R”


What is what happens? It’s been working fine for most people, I’ve had loads of positive feedback. There is still a runway API thing that has nothing to do with IF-A. Are you running into any issues?


Bears repeating what I said a few posts back:


Glad to see that RAAS has been fixed I’m sooooo so so jealous stuck on Android 😿😿😿at least I have the GPWS.


I get the message: “Let’s watch our speed captain”. When I’m backtaxiing from RWY 08 to RWY 26 in LOWI.

After that I stopped at RWY 26, every 5 seconds I get the message: “On RWY 26”

While taking off I got the message: “Caution, on taxiway”

I don’t know if you have fixed this problem in the previous update


The airport that had issue was at TTPP. On runway 10/28!