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Hopefully John can find an answer now it’s happen to him


I believe you may be dealing with an API issue that is recognizing portions of runways as taxiways. I just took off from OKPC and got a speed warning (on the runway), then an On Taxiway, then right when I lifted off I got an approaching runway message, even though I was climbing.

EDIT- Part 2: I just spawned in at a gate and got a flaps warning. Something must be up haha. I’ll continue to report issues here.


I’ll try to confirm this and then ping Laura about an API fix if necessary.


So I did not make the purchase, yet I still received some callouts on departure rwy 27 at VABB.

Here are the alerts I recieved:

  • “On runway 27”
  • “Caution, on taxiway” even though I was on the runway.


See this:

Already submitted a bug fix update for this. Apple just needs to review it. Sorry about that!


Update: I’m now not getting any approaching runway call outs 🤔


How i can change voice of RAAS?


This has been a fairly common issue. Something about the way boundaries were drawn will put the taxiway in certain areas of the runway. This is why you can get speed warnings while taking off.


John any chance you may have squished the gear bug some of us were having?


Ok after flying with RAAS,
I’m getting taxi warnings during takeoff.
No “minimums” call out
No “prepare for landing” call out
No “after landing” announcement
Won’t stay connected

Tested this with several different planes and airports!
iPad Pro 9”


Which airport and which runway?


Are you talking on the ground or while approaching a runway on landing? Airport? Runway?

No way at this point, will likely add an option for this in a future update.

Yep I recall running across this. I’ll test some more and then report it in the beta forum.

Yep, pretty sure this should fix that issue. If not, let me know!

This is likely the API bug described above. On it.

You’ll only get these during “real” flights where you reach a certain altitude, not touch and goes, could this be the reason?

Pretty sure I’ve fixed this in the upcoming hotfix update (needs to be reviewed by Apple)


In a future bugfix update (1.061) or next updates?


No it’d be somewhat later. Want to fix bugs first.


Excellent work as usual John!


OK, so I’ve looked into the “caution taxiway” issue some more and can confirm there’s an API bug of some kind. It happens for me on the Training Server, e.g. at EGCC 23R at this spot:

Right there the API sometimes (not always) “tells” me the airplane is not on a runway. This causes weird issues, of course. I’ll try and let the devs know about this…I know a similar issue existed in the past, too. I may need to work around the issue a bit. cc @Joe @rileymoyer @Maxxus1 @MarkJudge01 @Jan

P.S. If people liking this update wouldn’t mind posting a short 5-star review to the App Store, that’d be much appreciated - those really help! Thanks


*OPKC, runway 25L

Approaching a runway on landing. Happened at every airport I visited yesterday. Not sure on runway specifics.


Does it do the same for the Blast pad at KSAN? There’s a taxi-line going across the runway so it’s probably drawn under the runway. @dush19 was this never fixed?


Will test this - but something I really don’t understand is why it would work fine on the Casual Server, but not the Training Server? Are there two different server versions somehow?


Maybe because there are no violations so they haven’t differentiated the two areas of the runway and taxiway properly?