In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


No, iOS settings.


Oh so what ever voice I have chosen there that will be for the RAAS in in-flight assistant


Not exactly.


But what if I change it?


You can’t really choose one.

The app selects voices in alphabetical order.
So when you hear a voice you don’t want, you’d have to ininstall it.

Right now, I can’t go into it further. Sorry!


Hey @epaga @Jan hey guys I found this to be very interesting I purchased the full apps on both IOS and Android and I’ve come to realize that the iOS minimums call-out is based on
AGL as opposed to the Android minimums call out being based on MSL got to say the iOS version is hands-down way more efficient to use

Wonder why the difference?


@epaga & @Jan…bump


Just search this topic to find out why minimums used to be based on MSL and why it was changed.


Can you just tell me? What do you mean used to? It still is in Android…


Not at the moment.

My tablet won’t let me search, copy and past parts of posts.
The UI really doesn’t work well on a mobile device.

Just find the release notes where minimums are mentioned.


Ok Jan. So instead of creating I guess I’ll just come up with an Android version of IFA that actually does the minimums callout at AGL. Thanks man…


All I can do at the moment is point you to infornation that was posted in this topic earlier.

When you have more questions or remarks please send me a PM or wait for @epaga to respond. I just test. I’m not the developer or decision maker. 😉


I have plenty of remarks, I’ll save those for PM though as you sugested…


It won’t stay connected now and won’t do announcements the wat it used to… 🤷🏽‍♂️


iOS actually used to be MSL also. The reason was that most approach charts specify the decision altitude (i.e. MSL) as the primary (larger) number for minimums. But so many people got confused by it that I changed it to decision height (i.e. AGL) on iOS. Planning on changing it in Android, as well, when I get to it.

Could it be you’re getting a phone call or an alarm in the middle of your flight? Otherwise could you give more details - which announcements? Which flight? How long? Which device? Etc…


So much easier when it is AGL, I dont have to change it for every flight now, I am grateful 🙏


Yep, that’s less realistic, but more convenient. Always tricky finding that balance. 🙃


We will just say that the co-pilot set it lol. Its brilliant though at any rate ☺


@epaga have you ever thought about in the PA section to add what type of aircraft so then it can say there are ___ exit doors on this Boeing 737-800 or something like that. I feel this will make it more realistic


@epaga just bumping this again. Is this possible?