In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Well actually, “Arm doors” is part of the welcome message.
There is a setting to get the welcome message at pushback or at engine start.
What you are describing happens when “Pushback First” is on and you start the engine first instead of pushing back first.
In those cases make sure “Pushback First” is off.

Hope this helps.



Can I confirm.that the VNAV option isn’t yet available on Android?



That is correct.

Please see this topic for the development of the Android version.


Thanks Jan


Thank you!


Thanks @Jan for being faster than me as usual! 😀


@epaga will their ever come windshear warnings? I think that would be awesome!


Thing is, there never is any windshear! :)


Hi @epaga and @Jan.

Can I make the voice commands and VNAV features work if IF-A runs on IO-S (together with say IF-A), while IF runs on Android?



Nope, IF-A only runs on the same device as IF. (Ha! I was faster than Jan for once!)


Pity. Thanks though