In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


You dont “get what I’m saying” if the post you reply is immediately contradictory to exactly what I am saying after…

What I am saying is that since you all put that much work into the app why not put some valuable instructions in there?

That line in that post that you put is not instructions…seriously forget about the pilot I was talking to… how about me, I am fairly educated, a student but fairly intelligent.

That doesnt mean anything.

My idea as you asked, is to “simply” put instructions that make sense for the service offered by you.


A more extensive user guide for your app seems to be helpful and needed even, @epaga.
Maybe I can help you with it?


Thanks for keeping your tone civil and respectful, guys! Super sorry I came across that way, @Patria and also that you got a violation!

Trying to think through what else to explain… you set up your flight plan in IF, you go into IF-A and set the altitude you want to be at at each waypoint. If you are too ambitious- say you set 20000 feet at one waypoint and then 10000 feet at a waypoint only 5 nm away, then the plane will likely become far too fast, because it will simply follow your instructions.

Also if you set your speed too low, you could induce a stall.

Also, I do not recommend letting the VNAV fly your plane unmonitored, just like in real planes. :)

And again, if you could send me a specific flight plan you are having trouble with, I’d love to help more.


So when I pushback the greetings announcement starts but then once it finishes and I start the engine it starts again, Is there anyway for me to stop it repeating more than once. Can you help me @epaga


Bit of a random one, but any chance you’re considering adding the B737 trim wheel sound to the app?


Does that happen often?
Here it only happened once and I don’t seem to be able to make it happen again.


It has started recently. And hasn’t stopped


Have you tried turning “Pushback First” off, seeing what happens in terms of trigger sequence, and turning it back on again?


No. I’ll try that after I start my new flight as I’m in the air. Should be landing in an hour or so


This is because the latest update resets the announcements if you’re standing with your engines off. Best is to start your engine DURING pushback (which is what happens in real life as well). In a future update I’ll try and make this more user-friendly.


Congratulations on #37 in the sports category!

All jokes aside, I think this is an amazing app - I just wish I got the base app free on Black Friday :(


Hey there @epaga!
While I hadn’t used your app before, even though I had gotten it (I didn’t think my older iPad could handle IF with anything else in the background), with my recent upgrade to a brand new iPad Pro 2018, and a little nudge from my friend @Ethan_Chloe123, I can’t stop using In-Flight Assistant. It’s the best companion app around. With all of the callouts (yes, I got every IAP there is to have…), it’s so helpful! I can tell if I’m too high on approach, too fast while taxiing (although that rarely happens 👀), it’ll do my ascent and descent for me, and so much more.
So thank you. Thank you for designing such an amazing companion to Infinite Flight. I couldn’t be happier with it!


That would be a blast! No guarantees, but I really like the idea. :)

Awesome - thanks so much for making my day by taking the time to write this up. If you’d be up for posting that as an App Store review, that’d be even MORE helpful. 😜

Geez, the sports category must have been having a slow day! 😂


Reviewed! 😄


Would love to see this!


This is great @epaga! Is this a feature that will be added for sure, or are you just experimenting with it right now?


I think I’ll probably add it, yep. It was an experiment because it’s kind of “hacky” to use a Shortcut to read out the flight plan from fpltoif…but as long as the format stays the same, it’d likely work.


Can you make it on pushback they say doors closed and engine start they do the safety brief?


I wish android had vnav


Great add-on.

I realized that there is no welcome aboard message, as the safety briefing starts when you turn the #1 engine on.

also, there is no arm doors and cross check announcement