In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Ah, OK, so you want it before pushback AND engine start. That makes sense, but hmm…that’s tricky. I’ll think about it. Not sure if it won’t get confusing if the seatbelt sign of all things controls when a flight gets reset…


I mean normally, the seat belt sign is the one that indicates “Ok, the flight is about to start.” Basically a reset.

One little button can be powerful XD

Here’s my idea with @Jan’s amazing seatbelt sign idea:

The welcome message plays when the seat belt sign is triggered but the user can set a delay time of when the seatbelt sign gets triggered to when the PA announcements actually start. Say I set the delay for 10 seconds: I turn on the seatbelt sign and then 10 seconds later, the welcome message starts. Then so on and so forth.

I am ok with a very slight pushback and then a stop in order to trigger the safety message after as it has been what I have been doing for a while.

But this new update with the cycle resetting everytime an engine starts is annoying as over here in the US, the welcome message plays before pushback and the engine starts during or after pushback.


Yeah, right now it is when you start one engine slightly, the welcome message plays. Once you start pushback, the safety starts. However, once you start the engines for real during pushback, the safety demo stops and then the welcome message plays again.


I just purchased this for IOS and I may not understand how to use VNAV. I did a flight and my.climb rate dropped to 498 vs, I had to do an emergency turn back to the airport because everytime I tried to switch it came back to 498.

Please help me as I dont know how to use auto nav at all and this is not on the android version.


So check this out everybody - planning on adding a feature where you can paste in FPLtoIF flight plans into IF-A’s VNAV module - no more manually typing in altitudes and speeds! \o/

Currently using an iOS Shortcut to parse out the flight plan, but Chris_S might be able to add something more fancy, he said. We’ll see! :)


Hmmm it should be relatively self-explanatory: you set up the altitude you want for each waypoint in your flight plan. What was your flight plan? What were the altitudes?


Well that’s a heck of a coincidence.


I had two airports in the setting (1 airport used as a waypoint) and altitude was set at FL310 and 040.

I dont see a climb rate setting though. It had me climbing at 498 vs.


So basically you need to set up a full flight plan, not just the two airports. You need to set your own waypoints. Then you go back into IF-A and set the altitudes and speeds you want, per waypoint.


Got it. Is there an option to change the climb rate? I don’t see one.

Also when I set the NM is that the distance that it will start to descend or change altitude?


Nope. It’s pretty simple, it sets the climb rate to whatever it needs to to get to the altitude right at the waypoint.

Nope. The nm setting is simply for an alert notification to let you know you’re near the waypoint.


I get it now. Thanks.


@BigBert10 I see what you’re saying. I always fly jetBlue and usually the welcome message comes after doors are closed, then the safety briefing comes as engines are starting up (like now). I like the seatbelt then delay idea. John always listens to the community and hooks us up.


The seatbelt trigger part came from @Jan and then I added on to that with the delay idea

I hope this happens because the current IF Assistant is annoying me after the update

(I’ve been flying Southwest on IF a lot and I would play the welcome announcement, then the safety announcement. Then I would pushback and start an engine and then everything restarts and it gets annoying)


Do you have it switched for pushback? My announcement starts during pushback, then by the time I’m done pushing engine start gets me the safety briefing and I begin taxi during the safety. None of what you’re saying happens to me-nothing resets-it’s always begin pushback-welcome—>engine start->Saftey—>begin taxi—>Finish safety—>strobes on—>“prepare for takeoff”

It USED to be the other way round before


Only issue with that is sometimes the Altitudes go up and down through the flight


Hey @epaga, I appreciate your work, and I paid for your app. And I’m not not bitter but grateful that you done what you have on this app. But next time when a new user says that there having an issue with your “self explanatory” app, please let them know how it works next time instead of saying that’s it should be “self explanatory” and making me feel bad for asking… I got a violation and dropped a grade because I didnt understand the VNav and was scared to inquire as a result of past inquiries.

P.s. I hit up a real life MD-80 Pilot, he agrees there is really nothing “self explanatory” about your app. Also he said that you should make the heading either Left heading *** or right heading *** not “Set heading ***” regarding the voice commands. Not sure why he said that but he is a former U.S Air Force Captain as well so I’m with him on that one.

IOS & Android payer.


Hey, @Patria

Thanks for your honest message.

I’m really sorry to hear you felt bad and scared even.
I’m absolutely certain that wasn’t epaga’s intention since he is a kind and empathetic man.

He always does his best to make things as simple as possible, to not cause any confusion. I read his remark as him wondering out loud if that was indeed the case.

The fact is that VNAV can be a tricky thing.
I guess, since you stared with the Android version, you might have missed some information about it in this topic.

It’s a very simple implementation of some calculations.
When used incorrectly it will cause issues.
Incorrect in the sense of two waypoints being too close to each other for the set altitude change, could cause VS rates that could either stall or overspeed the aircraft.

It’s not a full blown FMC and there are no safety measures to warn of or prevent unwanted situations.
Maybe that should be made more clear though.

In terms of “Set Headind Left/Right” it’s the case that IF just doesn’t work that way.

When you want to turn left and set a value that’s is more than 180 degrees from your current heading, IF will make the aircraft go right instead.
All the voice command does is set the heading in the autopilot.

Although adding “Left/Right” would be more realistic, it wouldn’t actually work.

I hope this clears up a few things. 😉

If not, I hope you feel absolutely free to ask whatever you’d like, 'cause any question is always welcome.

When epaga has anythng to add or correct, he will do so.
I’m just often a little quicker to respond. 😉


@Jan of course I dont think that was his intentions. Instructions should have been given neverthless.

I asked, and I was told it should have been “self explanatory” so I feel bad and asked a real life pilot about it after my violation that was given to me for not understanding and he tells me “No it should have been self explanatory stated” by YOU.

I understand that it may not have been your intentions, you need to explain regardless next time in detail next time period.



I get what you’re saying.

In the app information the following is stated:

To me that is pretty clear.

What, in your opinion, would make it more clear?

What a real pilot thinks of how this is done in this case doesn’t really matter, since this app can only work with what IF has to offer. Unfortunately an FMC is not one of those features. Therefore it is far from a real life situation.