In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Thanks for all you do!
IFA has taken IF to a higher level of realism. I don’t fly without it.
How about 5 stars in the App Store pilots?


The update is out! Get it now and enjoy new voices and some nice improvements to all the in-app modules!

Thanks so much - enjoy the new update!


Great work @epaga. Absolutely loving IFA! Only recently started using the VNAV feature, cannot believe I didn’t start using it ages ago! Keep up the awesome work, John 🙂


I love how one of the new voices in yesterday’s update is named “Misha” ;)


Because it’s Misha’s voice 😉


Wow such an amazing update! Thank you for everything @epaga this app truly advances the games realism.


Hi, is there a way to not have the passenger announcement cycle restart everytime you turn on the engines? (a new update feature)

Because it is giving me problems


What kind of problems? Currently no way to deactivate this…


In the US, we play the welcome message before we pushback and start our engines. Our engines don’t come on until we are pushing back or finished pushing back.

Now with IF Assistant, before the update, I would briefly start one of my engines and then shut it off to get the welcome message to play. I would then start the pushback so the safety message can play, but since we don’t turn on our engines before pushback, I would turn on my engines after pushback and then I would hear the welcome and safety messages again.

Say I am flying with Southwest Airlines. Irl, they announce the welcome message and they start their engines just as they begin pushing back. I want to mimic that in IF, so I briefly start an engine to get the welcome message. Then I would pushback and then start an engine. Once I start that engine, the welcome message plays again even when there is a safety message going on or the safety messaged finished.

That is what I have a problem with.


When is IF going to come out with this equipment themselves if ever?


Would having the welcome message triggered by the seatbelt sign be a solution?


This could work, but what about if you are in the air. The seatbelt sign does turn off from time to time

Also, the double chime for communication purposes with the crew could affect it.


Well, PA could only be triggered when the seatbelt sign is turned on when not moving and engines are off.


Ok, that could work.

Maybe also give us a timer delay for when the PA starts after the seatbelt sign is turned on. Irl, seatbelt signs can come on before the doors close or even before boarding finishes. Maybe have delays from like 0 seconds to 5-10 minutes or whatever time we choose to delay it for


I was just thinking out loud in terms of available triggers.
I think the seatbelt sign is the only one available, since the no smoking sign should be on always.


Yeah, I’m just saying that you could give us the ability to control a delay time from when we trigger the seat belt sign to when the PA announcements start. And the timer can be cancelled if the seat belt sign comes off.


Well actually I couldn’t, since I’m not the developer of this app. 😉
Let’s see what Epaga comes up with.


We just have to see. Honestly, I really like the seat belt sign idea but it would be even better if we had the ability to control a delay time to triggering the seat belt sign and the PA announcements actually starting.

We’ll see


Best would be instead to turn on the setting “Pushback First” - now, when you hit pushback, you’ll get the welcome announcement. Then when you turn on your engines, you’ll get the safety briefing. That’s what that setting is for! :)

However, I like the idea with the seatbelt sign trigger, as well.


But you don’t get your welcome announcement when you pushback. You get it before you pushback and the safety message as well.

Basically, if I use that feature, I would have to move my plane just slightly to trigger the welcome message and then start an engine just briefly and turn it off to get the safety message.

Then when I actually start pushback, I’m pretty sure it will reset the whole thing.