In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


I think for iOS it is 23rd in your timezone, wherever you are. No guarantees, though! Move fast! 🤓


I just got this and I love it!
The camera shake is pretty cool!
Maybe you could have a free trial for the IAPs because I would like to see what I am getting before I buy it, maybe it could last 24 hours, or maybe 1 flight, etc


Thanks! Just tried it, it’s great :D


Thanks so much, you guys, as I’ve said from the start - this community is such a support. Y’all rock! (And if you’d be up for adding these comments to an App Store review, that’d be even more epic haha)


Is the ultimate sound scape thing just a general title? Or a new feature?


It’s just a general title, I’m trying to sound cool. Is it working? 🤣


Its working for me.


I have definitely considered this before. I have seen different apps do this…that may really not be a bad idea. Would give people a taste of what they’re missing, haha…

Just to repeat this here so it doesn’t get lost in the thread:

Not getting callouts you’d expect? Check the callouts guide


Fun stuff planned for the next update (When It’s Done): 2 new co-pilot voices! Will be included at no extra cost!


Interesting discussion! 😉


Definitely IF-A. It’s so well integrated to infinite flight. It’s brilliant.


Can you add snoop dog voice??? 😂



Speaking of new voices, the next update is going to contain two new voices, both from the IFC!

@MishaCamp and @Scott_Ellis_Paddon have both sent me the co-pilot sound samples, so we’re going to have their voices to choose from with the next update. They sound great - @Jan has cleaned up the audio and I just need to get around to integrating the files into the iOS and Android apps! Yay! 😀


“Flaps 420 degreeezzz mah dog”


Nice another great option 😁


My way of flying, with my favorite tools:

  • FPL to IF
  • IF-A’s VNAV


Update 1.070 has been submitted to Apple! Here are the changes for when the update is (hopefully) accepted and in the Store:

  • 2 entirely new co-pilot voices: Misha ( @MishaCamp ) and Scott ( @Scott_Ellis_Paddon ) ! Included at no extra cost!
  • FIXED: airplanes with no gear option like c208 had issues when the gear needed to be down for a callout


  • new “Bank Angle” sample, clearer than before


  • PA auto-resets between legs. To do so, park at a gate and completely turn off your engines (all engines must be at 0%)
  • FIXED: changes to the “initial altitude” were not adopted on-the-fly, leading to callouts like the landing announcement sometimes not coming correctly.


  • excluded Pushback from runway detection


  • distance between waypoints is now shown instead of the GPS coordinates.


Thank You for your fine work ! Look very forward to the new voices !


Did you fix the shake cam bug?


Nope, this is an IF bug having to do with the camera API…hopefully will be fixed in an IF bug fix update at some point.