In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Wait, does the sale end at midnight today or did it end on midnight yesterday?


It ends at midnight today. It is still running! You’re not too late! :)


The apps reduced price is 1.99?


It’s 40% off whatever it was before. I moved it from level 5 (somewhere around $4.99) to level 3 (somewhere around $2.99). Each country is different, depending on taxes and stuff.


Well thanks! Currently using the IFA for VNAV and warnings into Dubai <3


Great to hear! If you (or anyone else) would be up for writing a short App Store review, that’d be most appreciated. :-)

P.S. A PSA - please remember to try and set up In-Flight Assistant before your flight instead of while taxiing or approaching an airport. If you leave IF and make settings in In-Flight Assistant, you may disappear from ATC radar which can royally screw things up for your friendly controller. In-Flight Assistant is intended to be used before and after your flight if at all possible. See IF’s ATC tutorials for more info on good flight manners.


I’ll be writing a review once I do one more flight with the app. My airbus callouts seem to not be working.


Which ones do you mean? The only one I offer is the “Retard” one. I can’t change IF’s altitude callouts, those are “hard-coded”.


Yeah the retard isn’t working.


In solo or live?


It is working for me.


See the callout guide for info on how to get the “retard” callout:


@epaga Hey there! I recently purchased I-FA and I’ve enabled shaky cam, but it doesn’t seem to work. Is this a feature you’re working on implementing, or am I doing something wrong? I have all in-app purchases, and I’m up to date as far as IF and iOS goes. I have an iPad (5th Gen). Thanks for your help in advance!
Edit : @Jan helped me, thanks!


Shaky Cam only works in the Cockpit and Cockpit #2 camera views, so make sure to select one of the two.



Thank you! Didn’t know that.


Pretty darn fast, isn’t he? Thanks so much as always, @Jan. Super appreciate your testing and how often you jump in here and help people.


@epaga - Are you thinking of adding shakey cam to taxi? Because its a great feature!


is there currently an update on android? and possibly voice command support ;)


Hi John, I purchased your app yesterday and it’s awesome. What do you think about adding other GPWS Warning like “Obstacle, Obstacle” “Obstacle ahead, pull up!” and the"stall, stall"? “Terrain, Terrain” and “terrain ahead, pull up” would be appreciated (i think, I’m not expecting a yes or no, just a suggestion.)
Love your work, John!


That one’s already in it ^^
But yeah, obstacle obstacle would be very cool except we don’t really have obstacles in IF like bridges etc