In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Any news for the Andoid fans


Ah, I see the TBM has an autopilot disengage sound built in. Guess that saves you from having to think of adding it yourself


So I had an absolutely AWESOME time at the Cosford expo meeting everybody.

To celebrate and say thanks to the community, I’ve set all prices for In-Flight Assistant, both iOS and Android as well as each in-app to 40% OFF. This will be until the end of Monday (i.e. tomorrow). Spread the news far and wide!

“If you were waiting for the opportune moment…”


Guess Infinite Flight is a racing game and In Flight Assistant is a sports app 😂😂😂


Definitely Going to But it Now! Plus I will spread the news ;)


Thank you so much for the opportunity, the $7.49 was a tad harder to stomach since that was the cost of the app, but now it should be a little easier to digest! Thanks :)

Thank you I guess? 😂


Bought as well. Much appreciated, @epaga!


Almost forgot to make a small announcement for this in the newest video. Really love the idea of a sale.


I’m getting In-Flight Assistant and all of the IAP’s thanks to the sale. Thanks @epaga!! :)


Hi there, I am considering getting the app with the discounted price, but could please someone with the android version clarify if it has the cam shake and the passenger clap feature when landing? (Assuming you get the addons). Thank you!


What time will it end today, I really want to get it before it ends.


Applause: yes
Shaky cam: not yet


Thanks @Jan for your quick answer! It looks I will be getting it then.
I have been considering getting IF assistant for a while now, and one of the reasons I will be getting this app is due to the developer enthusiasm and continued support for his apps. Keep up like this!
Also, at some point it was mentioned there was some intention of developing some sort of ACARS piece of software for IF. Is this idea still on the developer roadmap? I think this is much needed in IF for its use with VAs.


Do get it. You’ll not regret it.
I never fly without the app.

This is what Epaga said about ACARS:

Time will tell!


You still have time! I think iOS is until midnight in each time zone and Android will be until about midnight EST.


Personally, Mark is my favorite voice. Sometimes I even go into solo and overspeed just so I can hear that voice! 😂


God damn!

I should’ve waited until today to buy IFA, I literally bought it last night…


Why is my RAAS so weird? It’s like a german google translator voice that says words in english.


RAAS depends on the installed TTS voices and languages on the device.


The sale was already running last night! I started it yesterday morning…