In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Does it work for you? Or is it just cause you have the in-app purchase?


I really like the shaky cam! Makes it feel a lot more realistic. I also like how we now have a male PA voice. Love the updates!


Yes it works for me. I have bought it.


have you turned it “on” under copilot callout settings?


I 100% agree. The shaky cam makes it seem alot more realistic as well as the new PA voice Sean is absolutely a game changer, i found that after awhile of hearing stephanie, she got a bit annoying so i turned it off or most announcements off for awhile; but now being able to change it up is absolutely going to turn that around for me. Especially with this being a free improvement at the moment, with every IAP purchased, this app is a Must Have!


I’m having issues with shaky cam, it doesn’t seem to work on touch n goes… is there a new update for it coming? Any thoughts


Have you updated the app?

If so, open the IFA app, go to ‘Copilot Callouts’, go to shaky cam (at the bottom) press on it and turn it on


It seems ‘Shaky Cam’ (once enabled from the menu) only works in cockpit view not HUD so that might be worth checking if you are not seeing the effects in app


Oh no! 🤦‍♂️ It should not be requiring the GPWS in-app for the shaky cam feature. I thought I had tested that, but it appears I had the GPWS on during testing so didn’t notice.

My apologies and I will get a bug fix update out as soon as I can.

But I’m glad to hear you all like the shaky cam (which yes is only in cockpit view because of API) and Sean’s voice!

Thanks for your kind words everyone! If you could write some nice App Store reviews that’d be totally appreciated.


Hello when I change camera’s from outside to the cockpit, the cabin crew keeps repeating cabin crew take your seates.


OMG! Shaky cam is great! Wish it was available during taxi but just more subtle than at take off. Maybe this could be added in the next update…? But great work, honestly amazing!


I agree, I also think it would be great to have the shaky cam feature while flying through turbulence.


Yes! Shaky cam needs to be added while taxiing, and when flying through turbulence.


I can’t seem to find the shaky cam anywhere. The app is on its latest version



I reinstalled it and found it. Thanks for your help @Jan


I can see how shaky cam can be added to taxiing but turbulence might be more tricky…


So, the question returns… what’s next? 😜


Next is getting Android more or less to where iOS is, and also the ACARS flight reporting feature at some point…unless I feel like doing something else first. No guarantees. 😝


When will the update that fixed the shaky cam come ou?