In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Yes it does!


For those who want a sneak peek at Sean’s voice (usage rights mine of course):

Really excited about this new voice, the voice actor was amazing to work with.


Yes, can’t wait to get the new co-pilot on board :)

Keep up the great work @epaga !


To be clear, it’s a new flight attendant, not a new co-pilot. But yep - it’s really fun. Thanks.


That’s what I meant ;)


I’m having trouble with the on runway XX voice. It keeps calling it out multiple times especially if I’m lining up and waiting.


Which runway is this? Which airport? Which server (expert? Training?)?

May still be able to reproduce and fix this for the next update.


It happens at a couple of airports but the last time was at lax on 07R training server.


You’re amazing John, you really are 👍


I tried to post a review but it says “You must buy this product to write a review.” Any advice? I do own this app.


Kindly advise me what’s exactly the meaning of snaky cam?


See this post and video.


Is it possible you had a promo code? It keeps anyone with a promo code from writing a review.


What do you mean? I bought the app with a credit card.


Did you buy it on another Apple ID, parents, siblings etc?


No I didn’t. That’s why I’m so confused. It’s the same thing for infinte flight.


So I guess it’s the same with many more apps as well.
Something’s up with your Apple ID, or you’re now using a different one than the one you bought the apps with.

You can find the ID used on the receipt from Apple. Top left corner, right under the Apple logo.


Hello @epaga,

I just got the new update on the app, however the Shaky Cam is not working. It makes me buy the Warnings callout in app purchase. However, you said that it was included with the app. (I feel bad, I have all in-app purchases except the Warnings one!)



No, he just released a new update. The new update has a bug where the shake cam does not come with the app, and instead with an in-app purchase. However, it should be with the app itself.


I like the idea of the shaky cam, but i feel like its a bit to much. If it were just a little less it would be perfect!