In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


I can’t seem to find the shaky cam anywhere. The app is on its latest version



I reinstalled it and found it. Thanks for your help @Jan


I can see how shaky cam can be added to taxiing but turbulence might be more tricky…


So, the question returns… what’s next? 😜


Next is getting Android more or less to where iOS is, and also the ACARS flight reporting feature at some point…unless I feel like doing something else first. No guarantees. 😝


When will the update that fixed the shaky cam come ou?


Wow, this update snuck up on me!
I’m loving the RAAS improvements, it’s performing a lot better imo. It’s also super cool to have another PA Voice. Shaky Cam is great!

Thanks for the help, and I’ll work on a nice review. :)


As soon as Apple reviews it! This can be anywhere from a day to a week currently… see


That’s not Mark! “Don’t Sink!” is one of the original GPWS warnings! 😁



And BTW, this is probably a good moment to give yet another shoutout to @Jan who on his own volunteered (again) to tweak the PA voice sound FX, both for the “muffled” option which sounds like it’s coming through the cockpit door, and the normal option to make it sound like it’s coming over a PA system. Thanks @Jan - awesome work.


Do you think you will be able to add the shakey cam to taxi? Because I have noticed that you can’t move your view whilst shakey cam is doing its thing, this might be a draw back when taxiing, however, I would love for their to be a shakey cam whilst taxiing! Just add a load more realism.


Just got my hands on the update. That shaky cam is a thing of beauty. It’s almost impossible to do a flight on IF without this app running. Five stars!!



Quick question, is there a new voice for the RAAS callout? For some reason, it sounds like a girl now.


RAAS uses a TTS voice. Which one depends on the installed voices and settings.


Yeah, but I never changed any setting, but it got changed to a girl voice and not the original voice. Unless you can tell me where to change it? Cause there is no setting on the RAAS callout page unlike the PA or the Callout page.


Did you upgrade to iOS 12?


Yes, I did upgrade to the new IOS 12.


I have an Idea. Maybe on touchdown shaky cam gives your “head” (or in other words: camera”) a nice jolt. I’m asking for this because that’s kind of what my head does in real life. And maybe the rougher the landing the more intense the head jolt is. Just an idea. What do you guys think?


I had the same thing happen when I updated to ios12. Now the voice isn’t the same as it was