In-Flight Assistant (iOS): Bring IF realism to the next level with the ultimate soundscape add-on!


Well, I know what to do now when it happens. And it reconnects quite easily. So no big drama.


@epaga I’ve been able to get around this if I manually switch audio from my AirPods to built in speakers via control center, or if disconnect in settings. Not exactly an easier solution, but maybe that’ll help find a fix.


When IF-A disconects because of unplugging or plugging in a headset, the workaround is pretty easy.

When you have Voice Commands and it’s on, turn it off and on again.
When it’s off, turn it on and off again

This will somehow reset the audio engine and IF-A will instantly reconnect to IF.

Quitting and restarting IF-A will essentially do the same, but all VNAV settings will be lost, which you don’t want when you’ve spent a long time setting it all up.
When you let IF-A reconnect to IF by resetting the audio engine, the VNAV settings will not be lost.

Hope this helps.

I posted something similar a couple of months ago.


Good news! Thanks to your bug reports and pinpointing it to the headphones issue with @Jan’s help, I was able to finally figure out what was going on and now the disconnect issues should hopefully be fixed with the update coming after the one I’ve already submitted (it will be 1.063)!

For anyone interested, In-Flight Assistant works by basically acting like a music player app that plays silence most of the time but plays sound samples whenever needed. The thing about music streams is that iOS by default stops them when you unplug your headphones so that music doesn’t suddenly start blaring out of your speakers when you unplug your headphones. I now found a way to detect when that is going to happen and I will simply continue the stream.

Big yay! This bug has haunted me for months in the form of random users saying they had disconnect issues, only for them to magically go away again (probably because they weren’t using headphones or were not unplugging them).

Edit: 1.062 just hit the App Store! Update to get the latest RAAS bug fixes!


Just tried the new new update and no issues with RAAS now thanks for your hard work what’s next 😁


Well, getting Android up to speed for one…that said, funny you ask because I’ve been working on a different crazy idea. Here’s a rough proof of concept:

The idea is basically a shaky cam during takeoff and landing. Quite a lot of fun, if you ask me. 😁 Is this something people would like?


Hmm it’s cool but I think it needs fine tuning to make it look more realistic. I think it would need a lot of testing to get it just right.

It’s worth pursuing for a bit to see how good you can get it, if it’s possibe to make it more realistic then I think it would be a fantastic addition to the sim.


Yep - again, this is just a rough proof of concept to see if I can control the camera and make it shake based on ground speed. I’d need to think through how best to make it as realistic as possible. Thoughts? Ideas?


Maybe make it more smoother like the camera moves up and down like the pilot were on a hydraulic chair in a truck for example. But honestly even that could look bad.


This would be an awesome feature after fine-tuning, do you think yo could make it shake when there is turbulence?


Very possibly, need to look into what all I can access - another thought I had is turn the camera slightly while making rudder turns or quick pitch changes, just to give a bit more of an illusion of movement.

But yeah, turbulence would be awesome, too, wouldn’t it?


Yes, I would absolutely love that, itd make it so much more realistic. I’d definitely pay for that


I like it but don’t love it if you know what I mean i would buy it but maybe wouldn’t have it on all the time have you thought of maybe if possible having a Audible checklist for take off and landing I know there’s app you can get that do manual tick box checklist but a audible checklist would be rather cool


1.063 just hit the App Store! Update to get…

  • CRJ flaps call outs
  • fix for disconnect issue (when headphones were unplugged or deactivated)


Just updated. Am glad the disconnect issue has been resolved. I think you should consider removing the "dum**a^* nonsense from your app. It doesn’t bring an professionalism to the cockpit. Remember a lot of minors use this app.


Hey there - ever since release, I’ve had a couple people write me about that (in fact a couple 1-star ratings, believe it or not). But I’ve had way more positive remarks and laughs about it than negative.

Note that that one callout is the only reason I gave the app a 9+ age rating instead of 0+ - I mean, it’s a very mild swear in my opinion, it’s a joke, and is a vintage Mark “Skyhawk Heavy” Denton line.

To not hear that callout - just use a different voice than Mark, or don’t overspeed. 😬


I didn’t even know it was in the app John. And it doesn’t bother me that it is, because Jan is my copilot. But if Mark or anyone else called someone dumbass on this site the flags would fly, and the post would disappear post haste.


Is it expected behavior for the Passenger Announcements to only work once? I.E. I enjoy flying regional flights between KPHL and KBTV, but have to exit the app and Infinite Flight if I want to have PA’s for every leg. Would be great if there was a “reset” button on the PA page I could tap while I was entering Nav data for the new leg!

Love the app all the same, thanks for everything!


Big turnoff for me. No professional pilot would expect to get away with it. If the guy next to me said that we would have words on the ground. I’m not a snowflake, seen combat and plenty of real life, but it’s not realistic at all


Yep, realism is suspended on that callout and it is more like your buddy Mark Denton is sitting next to you jokingly calling you that. If you don’t like that or think it’s funny, then again, simply don’t pick that voice.

In other news, I’ve started to work on a PDF guide to the In-Flight Assistant callouts just to clear up when certain callouts are supposed to come and when not. It’s still a work-in-progress - I’m only a third of the way through or something, but here you’ll find my latest version:

And now that I posted it here, I’m going to have to actually finish it. 😬