In-Flight Assistant (iOS App) further development - need your opinion!

Hey everyone, to keep the monster thread from becoming even more “monster” I’m putting this here.

At this point I’m considering which feature to implement next for In-Flight Assistant. I’d love your opinion (especially if you actually own In-Flight Assistant 😜). Would you mind taking a minute to let me know what direction you think I should go after the next update?

Thanks for your help!

A quick explanation what I mean by the options:

  • Passenger Announcements - Welcome aboard, safety briefing, pre-takeoff, cruise altitude, in-flight snack, landing approach, post-landing “stay in your seats” etc…
  • In-Flight Emergencies - simulated engine failure / flaps failure / aileron issues / gear issue / simulated fuel issue??
  • Improvements to the current features - focusing on further bug fixes, perhaps additional voices, a few more voice samples, etc.
  • Passenger Announcements
  • In-Flight Emergencies
  • TCAS warnings
  • Improvements to the current features
  • I don’t own In-Flight Assistant

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Wonder where you got the emergency idea lol…


Yup you were the one who gave me that idea! Thanks again. 😃


No worries check your PM from me. Great to see this app getting the appreciation it deserves

One of the things we can’t control with voice is the trim. Maybe be able to tell the co-pilot for example ¨ trim 40% up/down¨.


How would emergencies work? Would the app actually do something to make there be an emergency? (Such as raising flaps without warning, or putting your engine thrust to 0%)

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Yes that would be the idea. I’m hoping with global there will be additional things as well that might be controllable but we will see…


How would you do the emergencies?

Well you could set it to be random (where you don’t know if something will fail) or to run a certain situation (engine failure while accelerating for takeoff, engine failure directly after takeoff, etc.)

And then it would simply control your airplane in a way to simulate an emergency. So for example, if one engine failed, you’d have a maximum of 50% thrust (if you dragged the slider above that, it would snap back down to 50%), and the plane would always have a slight pull to the side of the broken engine.

Or if flaps failed, it wouldn’t let you put them down, it would simply always return them to flaps up.

That’s the idea at least…I’m open for other ideas in regards to this. @Wren_Jago actually PMed me this idea way back when I was first getting started with In-Flight Assistant and I loved it.


Wow, this would be awesome! Even though I voted for passenger announcements, this’d be great as well!

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Thank you,

My idea was to have a button where you could select;
Random emergency
After this an emergency would trigger mid flight and using either voice recognition or in app commands you would have to attempt to fix the problem. The ideas I had at the time were
Gear failure
Flap Failure
Partial engine failure
Full engine failure
And some more I haven’t properly thought about

It would be simple fixes for the emergencies so anyone could do it. I have always wanted something like this in IF and @epaga 's app provided the perfect opportunity.

Yeah though I think how I’d do it, you wouldn’t really “fix” the problem but rather you’d have to land with the problem. (Miracle on the Hudson, anyone? ;-)


I hope ‘in flight emergencies’ makes it up to the top😎


Passengers announcements are pretty useless IMO, bit immature.

Emergencys could be really cool if done well.

DISCLAIMER- Don’t actually own the app, but will be getting it in the near future


Not one of the poll options, but voice checklists would be nice. Ask for before takeoff checklist for example and it would say all the items and check if they’re correct before continuing. Just an idea.


That would also help me out a lot :)

That’d be a nice touch!

The only problem is that voice recognition only works for some people and not all

Yes that is a problem. I wouldn’t see how would do it without voice though. Of course you could use a second device, but that’s more of a hassle in my opinion.


Yeah exactly. Emergencies would make flying solo worth it again. Although takeoff checklists would really add to the realism, I already get weird looks when I’m screaming “GEAR UP” into my iPad