In-Flight Assistant crashing after touchdown

Hello all,

I hope you’re all doing well. I have recently had issues with In-Flight Assistant.
On approach it works perfectly fine:
“Approaching minimums”
“Retard, retard” [assuming in the Airbus of course]

But as soon as I touchdown, it stops. I don’t get “landing spoilers extended”, or anything else, flaps, spoilers, speed warnings etc. Even if I am back in the air after a touch and go / rejected landing. If I reject landing and go around, for example, in a 737, I won’t get “flaps 15”. I have to reload In-Flight Assistant but I have to turn off all PAs because otherwise it will trigger all at once and it gets confused, giving the ‘Welcome on board’ announcement.
Got any ideas why it stops?

Thanks everyone!

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I don’t think an issue like that has been reported before.

What device are you using?
You might want to post it in the right topic:

For iOS, check this topic.

For Android, check this topic.

@epaga is the developer of IF-Assistant, you could contact him.

By the way, it happens to you all the times you land or it is only at some airports?
It happens to you in the Solo Mode or only in the Live servers?

What device are you using, maybe the IF-Assistant is not compatible with your current hardware/software…

Keep it up

I am using an iPad Pro (2018) on iOS 13

It happens 99§ of the time on both live and solo. I will change the category, how do you, if you can, do that?

Ok, do not change, I think #thirdparty it is correct :)

Alright, I won’t

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Could you send us a screen recording?

Possibly. Hold on and i’ll do it.

Right, ok, so I am currently unablw to recreate the problem. I will screen record all my landings for the next week or so as for some reason, it is working fine now but it has been doing it all week. Thanks for you help guys!

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