In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

Bummer. I assume you also have an accent? Note that Apple does not guarantee refunds, but you can try.


Gave it a go. Worked sometimes, but not that much. I would not say I have an accent, more of a natural voice. Of course, I can’t really judge that.

However, I’m really enjoying the rest of the app!

If you don’t have much of an accent, i would love to work with you to figure out if i can improve recognition. But if you don’t have the time, i understand.


I have sent you a PM. :D

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So much for getting anything done today!
Looking forward to using the add-on!


I thought landing lights were only one once cleared for take off? Not from the start?

After using this App for a few hours, I can safely say that in my opinion this is a must have add on for the Infinite Flight universe.

Really like flying with the Callouts feature and GPWS warning system.

If I had to nitpick, to become a 5 star app it would be nice if the Voice Commands could be made slightly more reliable / forgiving. For people struggling with the Voice Commands who have a non US accent like I do, I suggest working on your enunciation and paying special attention to your 'V’s / R’s & T’s.

I used Siri to try out the voice commands and after a few minutes of working on my pronunciation and speech pattern, In-Flight Assistant started responding a lot better!

I do think that it could be made a little more reliable however. A couple of times during my flight I said, Set Heading 2-7-0 and it set me off on Heading 2-7. That wasn’t fun. And I’m a little scared to use the altitude callouts regularly in flight because that’s a bit hit and miss for me at the moment. Though working with Siri will make it better :)

Great job @epaga ! This app is more than worth the money in my opinion. Especially with the news of more features being brought in an update. Would love to help out with any voice samples or the like if need be.


This app is fantastic, really adds an extra element of realism. My only comment, and I think I’m only adding to echo here. The voice commands, I really feel they need some extra work. I essentially have paid £4 to talk to myself. I think with work, it has the potential to be a fantastic element of an already brilliant app!

Why all in bold? :)

I have just purchased the app few minutes ago, I hope to be the same as what i expected.

Why all in plain text? Questions, Questions.


Fantastic work, you should tell the devs to implement this immediately or something, no wait you should just become a dev xD.


I agree!!!

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I really appreciate @Divij 's idea to practice using Siri’s dictation to improve your enunciation. Sadly there are not many knobs to turn in the voice recognition, so if your accent is not “standard American English”, it apparently is going to have issues. If anyone wants to help improve it, send me some voice samples of yourself saying the phrases that are not being recognized like you’d like.

Otherwise I’ll be trying to figure out if I can make a little “pronunciation guide” :-) (For example, try pronouncing “Zero” as only “Oh”, that should also work. Or as a clear two-syllable “Zee-Roh”.)


Don’t use bold for an entire text please
Read the one with Omari_Joseph tagged
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Thanks, I won’t read that but thanks for looking.


That sounds great :)


So you can’t be bothered to read the rules? Oh dear…


Thanks Giacomo for your input. Im well aware of the rules, as I’m sure you are, being a regular…

I put that in bold because I think this app is brilliant. It really does deserve so much appreciation. I noted a comment from someone earlier about this maybe being implemented into the games framework itself, I think that would be such a nice reward for the hard work the Dev has put in.

This certainly makes landing a little more realistic as well. I found, approaching EGLL in a horrible crosswind, that by taking into account the ‘retard’ callout, it really made the landing so much smoother. I hope your enjoying it @DipperDolphin - See you on live soon :)


He’s not a regular anymore, sorry Giacomo