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Exactly! I was the first to experience this

Just make sure you don’t set speeds when planning step climbs and it works wonders for me.

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Correct. The speed conversion does, to be exact.
I found that out right after reports came in that using the app was causing bobbing and even crashes.

It has, as mentioned earlier.

IF API 2.0 seems to be less stable.
Some extra work and testing is needed to determine if the current ways to work around it are sufficient.

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As always, thanks Jan!

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New issues with In-Flight Assistant:

Announcement Too Early: When I spawn in the game, the second I click “Calibrate,” the announcements start and don’t stop until it gives the “welcome, please remain seated until we get to the gate” spiel. It runs through everything, from the doors are closing, to the safety briefing, to the service is beginning all in one go.

Some Callouts Too Early: 100 knots comes out around 50 knots, and V1 is just as we start to roll down the runway.

Missing Runway Callouts: The callouts for “approaching runway 19” or “on runway 3” are not happening whatsoever.

Positive Rate Callout Missing: The positive rate callout never occurs, no matter how long I wait. When I raise the gear, I do get the “Gear Up” callout though.

For reference, here are my settings for In-Flight Assistant:

Not quite.

These are all issues that have already been reported and have been reproduced or fixed in the beta version.

See this:

Before creating posts like this, please read the many posts about what has been found and fixed above in this topic.

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Ok, I’m sorry. They were just new issues for me.

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Hey guys, I just submitted a new update and it actually passed Apple review within an hour! Crazy fast this time round.

=> The primary fix in this update is the VNAV step climbing should now no longer shake uncontrollably.

I’ll be trying to take a look at the other issues like the ones you’ve reported @Mort and others… thanks everyone for your patience.


Hey, it seems to work now. A first test climbing from 380 to 400 FL was successful and accelerating from .84 to .85 (A350) as well.
Thx for the improvements!

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I was wondering if there was any plan to get voices pack in different languages in the flight assistant app.

Is this free if you use the Beta?

At the moment there are no plans to add other languages.

Any update on fixes? My app still misses v1 and rotate about 40% of the time.

dont know about everyone else, but IFA is working beautifully since what I believe was the last pushed fix. @epaga take a stab at getting a fix for IFops now?

Unfortunately at the moment there are no plans for updating IF-O.

Great to hear, @VirgilMapleYM!!

In other news, Infinite Flight is asking which third party tools you guys use - please let them know you use In-Flight Assistant! 👍🏻 I really hope they keep supporting third party apps!


Just came back to IF. Is IF-A supposed to be working now? I quickly read about the new API causing problems a few months ago but according to recent comments in this thread it should be working. However, the app does not work for me.

It should be working.

I open the IF-A app followed by the IF app. I succesfully get the “Hey there Captain, ready when you are!” message. I start a flight and after that, nothing else seems to be working. None of the call outs work. When I try to auto-fill the V-speed, I get the following message :

Cannot Autofill
To autofill the V-speeds, first enter a flight in Infinite Flight in order for your aircraft to be auto-detected

Which device?
Did you update to the latest version of IF-A?

iPad Air 2020

I believe I am on the latest version because there is no update button when looking up the app on the App Store