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Try this!

I turned it off, but it doesn’t seem to make a difference.
Everything keep working here.

Most, or all?

When your switch back to IF-A after the callouts have stopped, has the message changed to “Not connected”?

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Jan my friend you are a genius, the slide over option solve my issue, I was able to use both apps without getting disconnected, I was able to auto fill the take off v- speeds and app worked perfect from take off to landing and I even got the camera shake which I’ve never had on the E-175 I think.

Previously when I was getting disconnected and all callouts were not working it would still say Connected to Infinite Flight. If you need more info let me know.

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The slide-over is just a way to have apps visible at te same time.
It shouldn’t have any effect on what’s happening in the background. 🤷.

Glad it’s now working for you though. 👍

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That is very interesting then, but yeah switching apps like this is much easier, faster and keeps connection between both stable, that’s the only different thing I did, thanks again for the suggestion.

Those missing v1 and rotate callouts got me the other day. Was waiting to hear them and when I looked down I was at 200 knots and hadn’t rotated. Glad it was figured out!

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Even with the slide over option, IF-A started losing connection to Infinite Flight, it was working fine for a bit but it started disconnecting again.

I was expecting that to happen.
I honestly have no idea.

Are you talking about when I get the copilot callout for a positive rate when it loads? I am getting no callouts at all now after that started to occur

Also it thinks I am on my last flight, and it says no takeoff flaps configured, applying v speeds for A350 low flaps (did that flight yesterday)

I’m having the exact same set of problems as you @Charles_B!

These specific issues are solved in the most recent beta version that I’m testing.


Hey bud! Any update on a final production version with fixes being released? Thank ya!

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In-flight Assistant want connect to my device even though I used it the other day. Is there away to fix this?

make sure you open infinite flight, and then IF assistant

I tried to read up as much as possible and I haven’t seen it or could’ve missed it, but I keep having an issue with VNAV causing the airplane to stall and crash.

The first time I noticed it was with the 77W and the second time was just a few minutes ago with the A321.

I’ve been using the VNAV feature since it was released and never had this issue. Again I apologize if this was mentioned already, but is there any other information I can provide for assistance?


It might be that yes, so was his solution to not set a Mach speed and just set in the altitudes? If so I will try that

That is correct!

A little later I found that Alerts/NAV worked fine when not setting speed for waypoints above FL280.
That also applies to the waypoint of the leg in which FL280 will be passed.

Got it, thank you for the feedback!

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So just to be clear, settings speeds is what causes issues but step climbing should not?

Also, depending on the aircraft, the app will completely skip the v1 and rotate call outs when taking off. Is that fixed in the beta version?