In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

You’re welcome, I love to help you getting the best out of this app. Do you know of how I can share you the files the easiest way?

Can you elaborate on this?

Was going to buy it until it I realised there still stuff you have to pay for after purchasing this app

Sure - if you had a STAR or a SID in your flight plan, then the VNAV would not correctly read the waypoints on your flight plan, there would be errors. But this will now work.

Was going to buy it until it I realised there still stuff

Yep, in addition to the co-pilot (and v-speeds) which is part of the main app, after releasing the app I ended up working on and adding multiple other modules. You don’t need the other modules, but each of them was a lot of work (and I think most people will back me up on saying they are worth it 🙂)

Do you know of how I can share you the files the easiest way?

Maybe unlisted YouTube video?


All good things aren’t free. Promise you its worth it.


Android dosen’t exist . Need to let millions of owners know the bad news.

app was working great, updated phone to iOS16, now it stops working in the background. I’ve had to restart it while in-flight. Both in departure and appr. phases. Your app is vital for step-climbing which is basically fundamental to realistically using this sim. With it petering out in the background, it kills all the climb points set in the in-app vnav menu :/ @epaga

I just updated my 1st gen iPad Pro to iPadOS 16.1 Beta and made a flight from EHAM to EGLL.
There were no issues.
IF-A was and kept working just fine.

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i dunno what to tell ya man. About the 4th or 5th flight now, where: I crack open IF-Ops, IF-Assst., and a third app, shove 'em in the background, battery is on low power mode b/c I’m not a savage, low power mode in-app too. I set up the plane, flight plan, momentarily exit IF to set my step-climb points in IF-Asst., clear the ramp, taxi, take-off. Up until then, everything still working, Jan is still talking to me. At some point during climb out, I test out if the App is still giving replies, low and behold Jan is no longer talking to me (clearly indicative the app is no longer working). I then have to close IF-Asst., restart it, set climb points again, mind you by that point probably at cruise mid-flight. ONLY thing that’s changed from working to < not working was that darn iOS16 update to the device im using. No clue as to the “Gen” of my phone but its an 11 Apple Pro Max phone. Oh and also I use “DO NOT Disturb” while flying, otherwise everything goes.

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Low Power Mode (in-app) causes problems; stated clearly to disable that.

Unfortunately IFA hasn’t been great for me in general. iOS16 has created some unusual speech sounds intermittently.

oh really, stated where? and I cant really disable it. Occasions on which I’ve disabled it, even with sky-facing cam, low settings, my device will overheat, and I do mean worryingly hot.

At the bottom of almost all the menus

does he mean low power mode in-app on the iphone low power mode feature for the battery in ios settings?

In app. It reduces the API Live refresh rate.

Well I might stop talking during flight, but at least I’m talking to you now! :D

Please disable Low Power Mode on your device.
It reduces background activity and that’s exactly what needs to be prevented.

I’ll test Low Power Mode here as well.
I’ve never had it on, but it would be nice to be able to reproduce what you’re experiencing.

Let me know if disabling it helps.


Just finished a flight from EHAM to EGLL again, with Lowe Power Mode enabled on the iPad Pro.
“Enable Automatic Low Power” in the app is also enabled. (I always have this turned on).
I had no issues with IF-A.
It stayed connected and worked just fine.

So I seem to be unable to reproduce this issue on an iPad Pro.

Apple iPad Pro 12.9 (2015 - 1st gen)
iPadOS 16.1 Beta

Could be memory, I have had my IF-A die before the end of a flight a few times.

When I checked available RAM on my device it had dropped below 2.0 Gigs.

Lately my IF l-A dosen’t start at all and I have to keep trying to re-start it and IF for it to work.

I’m on a Samsung TAB S7

So this may not be of relevance to you.

Heyo, question. Will the voice commands come to Android or is it just an iOS exclusive thing?

Thanks @Jan for taking the time not only to repo. but for your replies also. I will disable and report back, weird, as this was not necessary in prior iterations. Seems your iPad is way more capable as even with the setting ON, IF-A worked fine all the way for you :/ And @phoenix74 IF-A dies at the beginning and end of flight for me, heck, at any point, its pretty random. Just this morning, landed a flight which CLEARLY had worked because the plane step-climbed, but about 30 minutes into the descent phase, I had to quit IF-A, restart it, then land. I’m sure as you say it in fact is RAM related, just never thought a 2019 iPhone 11 Pro Max - A2161/MWGY2LL/A on iOS 16.0(20A362) would be so sub par with ram utilization for a mobile app.

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hey @Jan, 14mins into a flight, took off with IF-A in working order, just hit cruise, no announcements, is not working. Low power mode in iphone settings is OFF. restarted phone prior to flight.

I tried with Low Power Mode on and had no issues.
Unfortunately it seems an iPad is different and I don’t have an iPhone to test with.
I have no idea what could be going on there.