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there’s nothing i can do?

This happened to me when using one recent open-beta version of IF. It does not happen anymore in my case.

I already downloaded this new version that has the 330-900… your stopped when you downloaded this one? or was that the one that gave a problem?

@epaga is there a way to remove the in-app notification asking to Share or Rate the App? can’t remember which of the two the notification was asking of me, apologies I was just so mad, I just pressed anything to get it off my screen. I looked around for a way to disable just this feature alone in iPhone settings, could not find anything. I’m also puzzled because I had Do Not Disturb activated and de-activated notifications for this app and yet this notification popped up.

It COMPLETELY! RUINED! a 14 hour flight’s landing right at the very moment I was initiating flare, LITERALLY at THAT very moment!

Not entirely sure if the notification came from IFOPS or (beta) IF ASST (doubt its IFOPS as i’ve never ever seen this come up until right now when I updated to the beta on IFASST) but it couldn’t have come at a worst time…

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Hi there.

Sorry to hear you’re having issues.

A couple of questions in order to help you better:

  • Which device are you using?
  • Since when are you having issues?
  • Was there an OS update before it started?
  • If on Android, were you able to exclude both IF and IF-A from the battery monitoring feature?
    This feature has been know for trying to kill apps running in the background, so you need to make sure it leaves IF, IF-A and IF-O alone.

Please answer these question and supply any information that could help.

Hey everyone, I’m about to submit the current iOS Beta to Apple! Thanks to all the beta testers and especially @Jan for the excellent help and feedback.

Dude, that sucks, and I’m so very sorry that happened. The only way I can explain how this could have happened (it’s the first time I’ve ever heard of it happening like this) was that for some reason your device shut down and restarted IF-A right at that moment. I think that ratings notification only can pop up at like the 10th startup of the app or something - what I can try to do is to make sure it doesn’t pop that notification open if the app is not currently in the foreground (which is what I would have expected!).

This means your Android phone keeps repeatedly shutting down IF-A and then restarting it. Try a fresh reboot, making sure your battery saving mode is off and follow any instructions on this site for your device (other apps have the same issue)


hello my friend… i use motorola’s MOTOG9PLUS… i went back to flying on IF almost 1 month after so long away… and as i bought your app with all the features, i downloaded it to use it and as soon as I got in, it started to show this defect… regarding these IFs that you mentioned, I have to go through the BATTERY SETTINGS OF MY CELL PHONE IS THIS?.. I’ll see if I can find it here because I love your app … it is phenomenal and I want to be able to use it again.

I’m waiting for your answer

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It’s not my app. 😉
I’m a tester.
Epaga is the developer.

Please check this:

The mentioned link should help you figure out how to stop your phone from killing apps.

sorry friend

Update: found a last minute, serious crash bug that only seemed to pop up since iOS 15, so going to re-submit with that bug fixed.


After some health issues these past couple of months, I’ve now finished the update and it has been reviewed by Apple and is currently rolling out to the App Store! Let me know if you run into any issues.


  • “Bushtalk Radio” integration: play audio tours of places you are flying over in Infinite Flight!


  • fixed a potential crash issue when purchasing GPWS functionality
  • include the v-speed estimation for the new Airbus 330-900neo and 777F
  • restore VNAV + flight plan functionality.
  • remove autopilot disconnect sounds from the planes that already have those built in via IF

Next up will be to update the Android version! 💪🏻


really appreciate your hard work, and great to hear you’re free and clear of those health issues.

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I’m Epaga very much of her work. Happy with this update. Most importantly I wish you good health (most important) and stay well @epaga !

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Probably a dumb question… im a relatively new user to the app so forgive me.

Does the app change languages automatically as you switch liveries, or does each flight attendant voice speak a separate language? I am in the process of doing a flight from Copenhagen to Paris and to my surprise, the flight attendant did the announcements in French!

Hey there! Unfortunately, the languages of the flight attendants won’t change automatically as you switch liveries. Each flight attendant speaks a specific language. Sean and Stephanie speak English, Adrien and Baptiste speak French. More are currently not available. If you want to change them, you have to do that in the app. Hope this helps! :)

Update ( June 21, 2022 )

Hey everyone - just wanted to give a long overdue update on what’s coming next.

First off, I want to apologize for the radio silence here on the forum (I’ve at least been trying to answer emails when I find time) - especially to those of you that had run into issues. Various things would come up each time I thought I was going to have some time to engage more and put out a fix… my laptop was stolen once, there were health issues, etc. etc… A big thank you to @Jan and others for “holding the fort” so to speak and helping people out where possible.

All of that to say…

Please contact me again if you didn’t get a response!

If you have written me in the past and haven’t gotten an answer yet, could you please try it again? The two best places to contact me are:

  • Via email (my email is found in the app)
  • Via the IF-A Discord (since I think I’m not allowed to link to Discords here, let me just say the link to the Discord is found on the official In-Flight Assistant web site.)

FAQ (Updated 6/23)

I’ll be editing this post, updating the current “FAQ” here:

Re: the waypoints of SIDs / STARs not being read

This is something I’ve now been able to have time to debug and the next update (iOS and Android) will include a fix for it.
(Update 6/23: Submitted a TestFlight beta build for beta testing this fix)

Re: the occasional crash on landing

I have not been able to reproduce this issue. If you could send me details of flights (especially if it happens every time for you!) that would be super helpful.

Re: Android + VNAV

This continues to not be something I’m planning any time soon because that feature is a ton of work and I definitely don’t have the time to implement it for Android at this point.