In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

I bought everything when I was flying on android, and now that I move to IOS I would like to know if my purchase can be moved for this system and not have to buy everything again

Any plans on updating the app. To fit for the newer planes

I dont think you can do that since play store and app store are different

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I have it too b… bu… but… you have to pay for every warning :-(

No you once pay once’s for every warning

Hey guys! Apologies for the long silence. 4 kids at home + home-schooling lockdown, projects at work, and SmoothTrack has been keeping me very busy.

In case this is still an issue, try relaunching both IF and IF-A after double checking the switch “infinite flight connect” is on.

Definitely want to get to this at some point, yes. Any ideas what the correct V-Speeds are for this aircraft?

nope sorry, it’s two separate payment systems and I don’t have an account system. So no way to transfer - kind of like Xbox and Playstation.

No, you only pay once per “package” of samples… i.e. you get all GPWS for $5, all PA for $5, etc. Hope that clears things up. :)

Yep, definitely want to…which “newer planes” do you mean? V-Speeds? Or are callouts having any issues?

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The B777F does not have v-speed

Hello @epaga I like the app and I bought it time ago but I have the repeating sound issue… I did all you suggested to unmonitored the app but I still have the problem - any idea?

You need to make some sort of update. I have all the extras… The 👋🏽 farewell from the cabin crew once the aircraft is on the stand, and also the PA to go around from the cabin crew, entry music 🎶
it would be more real… When we finish one flight ✈️ if you wish to do another without leaving nothing works anymore… Please check that out. You could also add a real Airbus count down for landing and take off. We’re waiting…amazing app, can’t use IF without it 👏🏽 congrats keep up the 👍🏽 good work

I honestly think it is not necessary. I think you can use infinite passagers and disable some ads. I use it like this and it looks good as you said above.

I tried, but having two or three extra apps doing more or less the same is a bit pointless drains out your battery 🔋 even faster… Since IF assistant works so well why don’t we have an update to simplify that?! 🤔

Any update on a possible…update?

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Possibly karl

@karl_iszler do we have thoses?

Maybe this has been already talked but, why we dont have vnav to climb in android like iOS?

I don’t which is why this app is so important to me when flying.

Ahhh makes sense

When the update for an all airbus call out aircrafts will be realised?

What do you mean exactly?

Airbus has their own call outs. Most of the call out are from Boeing or based on Boeing