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Does if assistant have 5 feet call out for Airbus when landing ?

@Noodle_Duck no, only 50 40 30 20 retard 10

Copy wish it had 5

This is actually incorrect.

The only one of those call-outs that is actually in IF-A is “Retard”.

All other called out numbers are part of IF itself and can’t be changed by IF-A.

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No money to buy this😭

Maybe put it on your Christmas wish list?

It is quite expensive

Anyone know why when you get a call it all cancels?

You don’t have get all IAP’s at once.
Just start with the most important ones.

Calls and some other notifications interfere with apps running in the background.

Oh is a there a way where @epaga may find a way around it so when I get I call I can stilll have my flight report at the end?

Unfortunately that doesn’t seem possible.
Otherwise he would have found it already. ;)

Haha, I wouldn’t go quite that far. I tried for a bit months ago but didn’t find anything.

Since installing IFA, IFO no longer generates reports at the conclusion of my flight. I received the tone and verbal notification that IFA is active, but IFO doesn’t activate after engine start, seat belt activation, etc. Any ideas about what may be causing the issue? I’ve tried activating IFO when I first load into the app, as well as while on the tarmac immediately before going through my startup procedures.

Man I definitely would have got this app if it wasn’t paid. Love the concept ❤️

Hey! I’m having trouble connecting this app to my account. Help?

In Infinite flight settings, have you Infinite Flight Connect, turned on?

Yes I do!!!

Oh, that’s odd. Not sure than honestly, sorry. :(

Any plans to update the missing v speeds on the newer reworked aircraft? ie: B77F