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Windsheer is not in infinite flight so the sound would never be used

If Infinite Flight has live winds, it should have wind shear too. Wind shear is just the rapid change in direction and/or speed with a small change in vertical or horizontal distance.
Sometimes when the wind updates mid flight you can get some wind shear.

The wind shear warning should only sound on climb out and final approach though as these are realistically the only two phases of flight in which the aircraft is travelling close enough to its stall speed to be affected by shear.


The winds I don’t believe change instantly enough for wind sheer could be wrong though

Not yet - sorry, this is still an open bug but I’m pretty swamped right now with SmoothTrack.


Hello Mr Epaga, i think it would be a good idea to add audio check list to your in- flight assistant app. I would be nice to have the co-pilot read out the check list at different stages of flight. Am sure you being you must have thought about it. Thank you.


Great idea @Aero_Contractors_Ng!
@epaga would that be possible?

@tunamkol I think there’s already an app that accomplishes this, maybe called Infinite Checklist or something similar?
The only problem is there’s not really very much to add considering there will be about 2 or 3 items for each stage considering just how basic Infinite Flight is as the moment (not a rip, just the truth) in terms of depth and systems.
Definitely something to consider in the future though as the developers start to add substance to the style.

Lol couldn’t agree more 😂 It would be like masterswitch on read for pushback 😂

Barely. Here’s mine that I created ok, yeah, I might over do mine a bit, but you get the point. Some of us like this kind of thing.

My .Checklist

Before Start

  • Master Switch - On
  • APU - Start
  • Parking Brake - Set
  • Attendant Call - Test (flash no smoking sign)
  • Instruments - Crosschecked
  • Weight & Balance - Checked, in limits
  • Flight Plan - Filed and checked
  • MCP - Set
  • Source - GPS
  • Fuel Quantity- ___KG Required, ___KG on board
  • ATIS - Received and understood
  • Weather - Checked
  • Stab Trim - ___ Set
  • V-Speeds - Calculated and set
  • Briefing - Completed
  • iPad - Do Not Disturb
  • Lights - As required
  • ATC Clearance - Received
  • Parking Brake - Release

Before Taxi

  • Flaps - __ Required, __ Set
  • APU - Off
  • Flight Controls - Checked
  • Clearance - Received
  • Parking Brake - Release

Before Takeoff

  • Config - checked
  • Speeds - ___, ____, ___ set
  • Flaps - _ required, _ set
  • Stab trim - set
  • Landing Lights - On
  • Strobe Lights - On

After Takeoff

  • Gear - Up and off
  • Flaps - Retracted
  • Source - GPS
  • Cabin crew - release


  • Seatbelts - Off
  • Landing Lights - Off
  • Source - GPS


  • Seatbelts - On
  • Radios - As required


  • Radios - Tuned
  • Source - NAV1
  • Courses - Set
  • MCP - Set

Before Landing

  • Speedbrake - Armed, green light
  • Landing gear - Down, 3 Green
  • Flaps - __°, green light
  • Landing clearance - Received
  • Landing lights - On

I’m flying the 77W in the 20.2 Beta, and noticed that the shaky cam for the aircraft is very erratic.

The camera moves around too much and changes directions mid take-off roll, making it harder to stay aligned with the runway.

Can this be fixed? In the meantime I’d have to fly without shaky cam in the 77W.


Hey @epaga, it says that there is no speed data for 777F.

well this wont help because IF has added there own shaky cam to all aircraft.

Are you sure about that?


Ya go and make a hard landing in any aircraft and swing the rudder around on the ground in cockpit view. (you have to be in the open beta)

Yup this is true. I’ve tested this on 20.2 Beta. With the IFAssistant shaky cam enabled, the camera moves violently and misaligns you with the runway centreline during takeoff. On final, after passing 1000ft, the shaky camera goes off again from the cockpit view making it hard to steady the plane.

On the flip side with IFAssistant shaky cam disabled, you will notice the plane shaking (slightly) during takeoff roll until liftoff. When on final, the camera is steady from the cockpit view and once you land shaky cam activates. This suggests IF has added their own shaky cam but its not as pronounced as IFAssistant’s. Again this is on Beta


No it just moves when your turn suddenly… like when you use the rudder and it swings the aircraft side to side… camera gets a bit tilted

Maybe this is a stupid question but I’m to lazy to read 2500+ replies soooo is the voice command will ever be on android? If it is or it will, I’m gonna buy it because it’s really help me (and us pilots) to focus on flying the aircraft. Thanks

Maybe, John would like it to be but is having problems with it as far as I am aware. Not an android user myself, so don’t follow it too much but that’s what I last knew.

I think if this were the case, shake cam would have been an issue with all of the planes, not just the 77W. I flew with other planes and did not have this problem, and I try not to have hard landings.

I flew the A350 on beta and it had the problem of the shaky cam both on take off roll and on landing.