In-Flight Assistant - Bring your Infinite Flight experience to a new level! V-Speeds, GPWS, PA, and more!

Nice to hear!

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When Android users will have access to Voice Command? We pay that same Money as Apple users but we haven’t this function .

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I’ve actually tried this a couple times but have yet to figure out how best to do this on Android, I’m afraid.

Android users often complain about their device killing my app in the background due to battery saving issues - but especially voice recognition can become very intense on the battery.

I’d also add: you’ve paid the same for the base version, but to be fair, Voice Commands is a $5 add-on anyways, so anyone on iOS who has it has paid at least $5 more than someone on Android. 🙃


Hello, if I bought an iOS device, and wanted to play Infinite Flight with IF Assistant. Would I have to re pay for everything? Thanks

If you originally bought it on Android then yes you would have to repurchase everything…

Oh, @epaga would to not be possible to do something that you can link an account to google or face ache (Facebook)? Like with infinite flight subscriptions

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Hey, I’m not sure if this is the right thread for feature ideas, regarding this app (not IF Features in general):
Would it be possible to add a TCAS system? I think such a feature would be awesome!
If this is the wrong channel, feel free to redirect it. Thx.

Only problem I can see is how would it work? Ok, yeah, I guess TAs could work. But RAs would only partially work. Because if you get told to climb, how will the other know to descend? What if they were running IFA too and also got told to climb?

Maybe it doesn’t need To be that complicated. Or that close to a real TCAS. The dev could use the different colors blue, amber, red and the only thing the app provides is an alert message. In most situations this might be enough. Or even a bit further: 2 airplanes are heading towards each other on same flight level. A short notification would be awesome. Maybe using the co-Pilot. At least the only reason is that you have enough time to react.


May I know the price of the Shaky Cockpit?

The Shaky Landing/Takeoff feature is included with the initial purchase. :-)


in the future would you add like cam shake while taxing?

I don’t think plane vibrates while taxiing


nah dont think so. plane are not supposed to taxi fast enough for a shaky cam. the only reason for that is uneven grounds of an airport


i recently purchased it and it was awesome! thank you! it will be shown on my next video (a full flight - not cinematic)

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So just FYI after I accidentally let my old domain expire, someone squatted it so I’ve now registered a new domain:

I mean, not that there’s much to see there anyways, but ya know…

That’s encouraging to hear, thanks for the feedback! 😀


thanks for the info!

for me it’s come to a point where I can’t make a flight without IFA lol


This is the same with me lol


Haha, now that’s a tagline I’d LOVE to see in an App Store review … hint hint 😜