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What is the next update for IF assistant?

Blocking the competition 😂 dirty tricks campaign

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Haha, seeing as how IF is about the furthest from “competition” I could have, I somehow doubt it. 😅

But other than this minor issue, isn’t the IF update amazing, you guys? Totally awesome.


Is there any way to turn off the “Autopilot Disconnect” just on the B777?
As it’s the only Boeing aircraft that have the original “Autopilot Disconnect” sound in the new update. I wouldn’t like to disconnect for all, as I like the airbus sound and it’s useful in the rest of the Boeing fleet.

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@epaga This is interesting. This morning, at 001Zulu, I started a flight from LOWW-KORD, and I had this issue occur to me. However, about a minute after pushing back and starting engines, I got all the waypoints in the VNAV feature in the app and was able to enter in altitudes.

I just finished the flight around 1900Zulu, and the flight was perfectly normal. Was able to step climb all the way from FL340 to FL400 at 3 separate waypoints throughout my flight.

Could it be that you have to start engines. I did not see the waypoints before hand, but was able to after engines started.

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It’s amazing the 777-200 is so easy to handle

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Ok, thanks for getting right on this

Yeah, I just relized I might need to start one engine, turn it off, Then inset alt.

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Hi @epaga, it’s me again.

I have just started a flight from YSSY-FAOR, and I had the same issue. It did not join my FPL to the app from IF at the gate.

However, I was able to receive the entire FPL to the app from IF as soon as I turned my engines on (I was in a B744, so I turned only two of them on, and it still showed up)

It seems that this update makes the app not receive the FPL until you turn engines on…

Hope this helps! 😁

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Yea starting an engine does the trick. Thank you!

Aaaaand it’s fixed! Laura told me the fix will be included in the next update. So fast!


No one:
Mark: let’s watch our speed, dumbass!


Yay, thank you. Any ETA on that update or will it cone when it’s ready?

Since the fix is on IF’s side, that’s entirely up to them. But normally I think they’ve pushed bug fix updates within a few weeks. But yes, most definitely simply “when it’s ready”.


Oh, I have seen it on Boeing aircraft, and the pilot monitoring calls it our as well, I could be wrong. Sorry for the late response :)

The hotfix has been pushed which fixes the issue with the flight plan sometimes being empty on In-Flight Assistant’s VNAV screen. Huge thanks to Laura and the team for an extremely fast fix!

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When can we expect an update with VNAV for step climbing for the android version?

These should be in infinite flight

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Not planning on it for In-Flight Assistant. Instead, IF will very likely be improving their own VNAV to add step-climbing at some point.

I’m not planning on porting VNAV to Android since it’s likely just a matter of months until it becomes pretty redundant since you’ll be able to do all that in IF itself…


Oh that’s understandable. Great work with the app though.

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